Sunday, September 11, 2011

Not only is it Sunday but it's also the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. I know I should be posting something thoughtful and heartfelt but I think I'll leave that up to all the other bloggers out there who write so much more eloquently than me. I'll just say how sad I am that we have this awful dark spot in our history, my heart and prayers go out to the many people who were affected by the tragedy, and how thankful I am for all the first responders and service men and women who dedicate their lives for our safety and freedom.

Bless You!

Meanwhile, I have two things to share with you today.

First of all, what do call a bunch of geese? a brood? a litter? a gaggle? Yep, I think that's it - a gaggle. Anyway, I was almost late for church today due to a gaggle of geese. I was on my way and had to stop for this gaggle of geese to cross the two-lane highway I was on. Half of the gaggle made it across but the other half stopped mid-way, turned around, and returned to where they started from. They looked sorta bewildered and sad as their friends strutted on their way. As I drove off watching them in my rear view mirror I decided when it was time to return home I needed to take a different route. I really didn't want to see the squished remains of poor, hesitant geese laying in the road.

Disclaimer: there are no photos of the geese because, you know, it's really not that smart to drive and take photos at the same time. Use your imagination.

Second, have you ever found yourself sitting in church and suddenly the thought crosses your mind "hey, I think I have on the same outfit I wore last Sunday"?  Suddenly the whole service is ruined because you find yourself fretting over who might be snickering behind your back.

Geeze, maybe I should take a play out of my father-in-law(God rest his soul)'s play book ... he use to keep a written list of what suit, shirt, and tie he wore each Sunday. Yes.he.did. Doing so sure would take away the angst of sitting in church trying to look invisible and make it much easier to focus on God, worship, and all the really important stuff.

Of course it will only work if I remember to write it down ....

Third - yes I know I said I had to two things to share but I suddenly remembered I had one more thing. You do realize that I have trouble with the whole remembering thing, right?

Anyway, third - can you tell where we went for lunch today?
I posted this photo on Facebook and asked that question. My son and my friend, Denise got it right. My sister however either needs to get new glasses or it's just been way too long since she's been to either a Braves game or a Cracker Barrel. I guess I know where I'm taking her next time she's down here!

So, to wrap it all up, I leave you with these words of advice:

Enjoy your day of rest, 
beware of gaggles of wayward geese wandering the streets, 
keep a running list of what you wear and where, 
and finally, eat at your local Cracker Barrel, it's really good eatin' 
and is an excellent place to do your Christmas shopping!


  1. Cracker Barrell meatloaf...yummo!

  2. Hm; is there such a thing as a "Goose Crossing" sign? I wouldn't worry about wearing the same thing two weeks in a row; you can always pretend that you're making a personal fashion statement. And I love love love Cracker Barrel, although I don't go out to eat much, and tend to hit CB only when I'm traveling. You've made me nostalgic, though. Maybe I'll hit the one in Suwanee and stock up on those hard candy sticks - yum!