Friday, December 7, 2012

Really, It's Christmas time?

I have been unprepared for Christmas for almost fifty-five years - yes, I said 55! (to be fair lets say I get a pass for the first dozen or so years because I wasn't at what one would consider an age of accountability, but after that it's totally on me.)

Every single year Christmas comes at the same time - December 25th. The day of the week changes but the actual date ... it's always the same ... twelfth month, twenty-fifth day. Every. Single. Year.

And yet,

Every. Single. Year.

I am unprepared.

Each December 26th I make a vow that next year will be different. I pinkie-swear promise myself that the following year will be thoughtfully planned out and executed. Sometimes I even go as far to put it in writing and it goes something like this:

  1. Start a Christmas fund where money is saved from every paycheck so when the time comes the funds will be available
  2. Make a list of all the people who should be on my gift list and beside each one list a couple of suggestions for what they might want or need; keep eyes and ears open all year long, you never know when the perfect gift will be mentioned
  3. Handmade gifts - begin in July
  4. Pick dates for get togethers and coordinate with family and friends ... before Thanksgiving. Write it on the calendar in big red letters
  5. Make purchases early, spread them out over the year, keeping a list of what is bought and where it's hidden so come December everything can be located
  6. As soon as the tree goes up, begin wrapping presents. Wrapping a few at a time sure beats spending an entire night frantically trying to get it done. Or worse yet, just handing gifts over still in the bag - now that's really pathetic! 
  7. The same goes for decking the halls, a little bit here and there is much better than a  marathon decorating session that leaves you tired and worn out. Start early but not too early ... before Turkey day is a little much
  8. Save a little money for last minute stocking stuffers and don't forget to put a little bit aside for shopping the day after Christmas - the best time for replenishing my gift wrap supply and purchasing new decorations, not to mention the after-Christmas specials, oh my! 
  9. Simplify whenever possible and remember - celebrating Christmas is not a competition, nor should it be a chore - do what feels right and forget the rest
  10. Sit back and enjoy
Now, doesn't this sound like a good, well thought out plan? I believe it is. It's too bad that I can't seem to follow through with my own plan. Sadly I don't even come close. Instead it's the same thing every year. Everything is a big fat NO! No money. No time. No ideas. No early preparations. No plans. Instead of sitting back and enjoying life I'm rushing around, running in circles. Sometimes I find myself wandering aimlessly in a store and other times I'm standing with my head stuck in the sand just hoping it will all go away. I find myself filled with dread and despair instead of anticipation and joy. There is no peace just inner turmoil and self-inflicted pain. 

Bah - humbug! 

Why do I torture myself this way? Why do allow the same thing to continue happening (or not happening) year after year? I have a good plan. I know how to fix it all. But, I don't. Instead I procrastinate, ignore, and in the end end up settling for whatever falls into place. 

You'd think, after almost fifty-five years of procrastinating, ignoring, and settling I would change. You'd think, right? I'll get back to you this time next year and let you know how it all worked out this time around. Meanwhile, I'm off to wrap the ONE present I've gotten so far for this Christmas. 

Bah - humbug!

---- I do have all the decorations up, score one for me, yay! -----
Christmas Village usually stays out until after the first snow. I'm not
so sure I want snow this year so it might go away early!
Dining Room centerpiece, Angel works better here than on the tree where she belongs!
Boys need bigger stockings and something that mom's made.
They'll get a new one once they bring home a bride!
Mother made the Santa in ceramics eons ago
Mother also made the Nativity set. It's got lots of dings and
poor Mary was broken in half, but it still tells the story. 
Louise gave the boys this Advent Calendar .
Eddie puts up the pieces now. 
Tree of gold (where's the frankincense and myrrh?)
In the dining room. 

Miniature trees in the foyer brings the total number of trees to 
seven. Once upon a time there were three more (3 1/2 footers) 
one each in the kitchen, the boys room, and the end of the 
hallway, AND another miniature in the hall bathroom. 
That's way too many now!
Big tree back in front of the window this year
There are actually three tubs of Christmas decorations that didn't make it out of the garage. I'm simplifying!

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  1. Wow I'm impressed with all the decorations! I did end up doing the tree yesterday morning then-later last night LVP secretly admitted he really would have felt bad if we didn't put it up (this is the guy who has been trying to convince me not to put it up the last few weeks?) So far we have had one ornament eating and one bow eating session-maybe they will learn at some point...

    I actually do have most of my gifts purchased since I need to get a good many of them in the mail this week. We have one work "thing" party downtown this week (blah) but other than that the rest of the holiday season is pretty open-well other than dbf's Christmas Eve family extravaganza. (I should blog about that sometime.)

    Love the Village with the tree shining in the mirror!