Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yesterday my niece posted a beautiful sunset photo on Instagram and it made me jealous. How come I never get those amazing shots?

As the sun here was beginning to set I noticed from inside that there appeared to be some pink in the sky outside. I decided to venture out and attempt to get a half way decent photo.

It's always hard to see the sky from our backyard ... too many pine trees in the way

Walking out to the garage ... wow, that's some deep blue under the white clouds

Oh my! Pretty pink sky. It's amazing how quickly the colors are deepening. First World problem - having to deal with all the power lines getting in the way of a perfect shot. 

Let's travel further down the driveway and see if we can get a shot without those pesky albeit necessary power lines.


I am not taking the Lord's name in vain here. I am marveling at the majestic color of this sky. This is the most breathtaking sunset I've seen in very long time.
my caption on Instagram: "Beautiful sunset tonight, God has been coloring again!!"
God indeed has painted a lovely sunset. Was it because I was whining about not being able to get a good photo to share? Was it His way of appeasing all of us who have been complaining ad nauseum about all the rain we've been having? Or was it simply His way of saying, "hey, I'm God. Here's a lovely sunset to remind you how much I love you?"

I'm thinking probably the latter.

Whatever the reason, thank you God for lifting my spirits tonight and reminding me who the true creator is.

I am truly humbled even as I continue on to show you my latest personal creation. I wanted to shed a little light on our back patio so I stole borrowed an idea off Pinterest which you can read about here ...

I'm not sure but I just might be getting back into crafting mode. Goodness knows it's about past time!
in case anyone was wondering, none of the sunset photos have been edited. My little iPhone can take some pretty good outside photos, don't ya think?

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  1. Ooooo those little lights look better with less glass beads. I think those turned out pretty nice! Great photos too!