Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm going through photos and am beginning the process of building my timeline on Facebook. Yes, I am a geek.

I came across a couple that I just have to share here.

This photo was taken August 3, 1991 and I had just given birth on the previous day. My sister brought Ian up to meet his little brother. He is being held by my sis-in-law while his cousins look on. Ian is pointing and I'm pretty sure he's thinking "what's that noisy, squirmy, little annoying thing in Mommy's arms and why is it getting all this attention?"

(sorry about the random white squares on the picture. Somehow adhesive tabs got on there and I don't have any Un-du to remove them)

The next photo depicts a big brother adoringly holding his baby brother.

But, we all know the real story:

Ian - "hmmmm, it's been 2 months now and this "thing" is still here. How in the world do I get rid of him?"

Andrew - "Squeeee, somebody help me. Quick! I'm afraid to move!"

and then another month or so later ....

Ian - heavy sigh, "Bummer. He's still here,  loud and obnoxious and he smells funny. I guess he's really NOT going anywhere." heavy sigh, "my life is over............"

Andrew - "once again my life is in the hands of the scary one. Why do my parents keep torturing me like this? And, when is he going to accept the fact that I'm here to STAY?"

Ian - "there he is again, taking my spot in Dad's lap. I think I'll just sloooowly inch my way right back where I belong!"

Andrew - "Mooooom, I know you're back there somewhere. Dad's watching TV and not paying attention to brother's slick maneuvering.  Get yourself over here and save me".

Ian - "Whaaaat? I'm just sittin' here eat'n raisins. What's the big deal?"

Andrew - "Rebecca you're my protector, don't let him fool ya, he's gonna stuff those things up my nose again!"

Ian - "Hey Aunt Carol, watch this. If ya push right here he starts spewing baby food everywhere. Cool!"

Andrew - "Please don't let him drop me, please don't let him drop me. Hey Aunt Carol, are you just going to sit there and let him poke me like that? You know what's comin' next, right?"

I have years of photos like this and could go on forever. I'll just wrap it up by saying that the animosity and rivalry have stopped

.... mostly anyway!