Monday, December 5, 2011

Someone's going on the naughty list

I woke this morning to find this  in the floor. In case you're wondering, it's a miniature tree with tiny Nativity scene ornaments on it. While it is possible the tree fell off the desk all on it's own, it is highly doubtful.

Later in the morning I hear a ruckus coming from the living room. I looked around and couldn't really see anything out of the ordinary. And then, I hear a faint rustling and upon closer inspection, I spy this.  So much for my previous declarations on Facebook 

After a scolding Miss Priss swishes her tail and prances out of the room. She settles down for a morning nap and I hop on the computer for my morning routine of internet browsing. After a brief while my quiet time is interrupt by noises coming from "the room." It is officially dubbed my craft room but lately has become more of a catch-all room.

 As you can see, organized chaos. (And for all you family members trying to see if your present is in all this .... no, it's not!)

At first nothing looks amiss but upon further investigation I look down and spy this on the floor.  Someone has discovered her Christmas present!

I figure since the element of surprise is now gone. I might as well open the package and give Miss Priss her "prize." Don't think of it as rewarding bad behavior but more of an attempt to thwart further mischief. She's enjoying her new toys and I'm back at the computer doing my thing.

You know, my first clue that Spunky was NOT going to leave the decorations alone this year should have come when this centerpiece of poinsettias and little birdies went from this  to this  I have no idea where those silly birds are.


  1. Ok #1, my cats would TOTALLY eat those fake birds. #2 my cats have both already been up in the tree multiple times. #3 I wish they would focus their energy on the mouse in the HVAC ductwork instead ;)

  2. LOL, Sherri! I am not letting my dog read this post. I do not want him getting any ideas. ;-)

  3. Lolololol!!!! I'm still glad you decorated, though, aren't you still glad you decorated?

  4. Hey, I found one of the birds! He looks a little rough but remains intact. I'm still looking for his mate. ;-)

  5. We haven't had a big tree up since 2001, when despite it being anchored, the stripey twins had it down so they could run through it within hours. Broke five of my "unbreakable" ornaments (wood, resin and plastic). Our older cat, who was never allowed near the tree by his sister who had been a Christmas present and never forgot it, kept looking at me, saying, "I told them not to do it. I told them they'd get in trouble." It's okay. We're just here to provide amusement for our cats....