Monday, March 19, 2012

A new beginning?

My husband amusing himself while waiting to be seated at Cracker Barrel  It's funny but actually a little bit creepy too. He's sorta got the Little Orphan Annie look going.

This weekend we decided to make an investment in our future. We bought this torture contraption in an effort to get better fit physically and hopefully knock off a few pounds.

We (mostly him) spent the better part of Sunday afternoon putting it together. At one point he made the remark that we only thought it was difficult putting a bicycle together. It reminded me of  several Christmas Eves as we worked together to assemble the boys' Christmas gifts from Santa. Because we are cheapskates we always bought un-assembled and hoped for the best. This time around there was no gnashing of teeth, wails of anguish, or bouts of quarreling. There was a bit of despair as we completed the next-to-final step but we (mostly me) figured a way to correct the problem. And the crowning glory ... there were NO mysterious unused parts at the end. Yay for us!

Generally we work well together on these types of projects. I'm the brains and he's the brawn. Yes, we are a team.

So, now I have no excuse for not working on getting in better shape physically. Everywhere I turn I see people running, riding bikes, and working out. However, this is a very foreign concept to me, as is obvious from my current physique. Some might say the best, easiest, and most economical way to address the problem is to get outside and walk or ride but there's no way I going the public route, so for now working at home is the only option.

The question that remains is .... do I have the gumption and motivation to stick to it and make it work? I sure hope so. Otherwise, I'll have to turn to my cousin Christie's suggestion and use the torture machine for hanging wet clothes to dry!

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  1. Man elipticals are hard, I'll be honest. I'm more of a walk outside kinda girl, but I live in a sleepy neighborhood where almost all the homes are empty so I don't see many folks when I walk ;)