Monday, May 28, 2012

Happily Ever After

Once upon a time a young damsel met a charming young prince in what many would consider a fairy tale come true. The dashing young prince, once a wanderer, had finally settled down in the giant kingdom of Metropolis Atlanta, and commenced to carving out his own little niche within the kingdom . Although employment and living quarters were established, the young price was not as successful when it came to matters of the heart ... apparently there were no suitable young ladies to catch the eye or heart of the discouraged young man. 

One day a woman who worked along side the young prince made a surprising proposal. This woman claimed she knew of a lovely young girl, living in a faraway land, who would be a perfect match for the charming prince. She further claimed it was her mission in life to see the young couple united in matrimony and promptly hatched a plan to bring the two together.

And the rest, as they say is history. 

The couple were introduced on a snowy weekend in January. The actual date they first met was the 23rd. They attended an indoor soccer game, ate dinner, returned home, and talked into the wee hours of the night, learning all they could about each other. The following morning the young damsel informed her trusted friend,

"I have met the man I'm going to marry!"   The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind affair, ending as the damsel tearfully returned to her faraway land. The young prince vowed this was not the end and promised they would soon be united. 

True to his word, the young prince commenced to court the young damsel, first from afar via modern technology and finally in person as he traveled to the far away land. After several weeks of long distance romance it became apparent the woman who introduced them was indeed correct and the couple were destined to be together. The young damsel decided to throw caution to the wind and forego her home in the faraway land. She called for the young prince to come and gather her and her belongs and return to kingdom where the prince dwelled.

Once the young prince and the young damsel were living in close proximity it quickly became apparent that it wasn't enough. Overcome with  desire to be united in holy matrimony, the young prince asked the young damsel to become his beloved bride. She eagerly accepted and they began preparations for a wedding.

The time proved fortuitous as the parents of the young prince happened to be visiting the young prince and his sister who also lived in the kingdom. Rather than go through a long engagement the couple decided to seize the moment, to gather family and friends together, and have the father of the prince unite them in holy matrimony. And thus it was, sixty-six days after first meeting, the young damsel and her prince were joined together.

Following are renderings of the blessed event, occurring on March 29, 1987.

The father of the young prince officiated at the joining of the couple.

The young couple repeated their vows and pledged their undying love, forever united, 'til death do us part.

The couple's first kiss as husband and wife.

So happy to show it's official!

The bride and groom were attended by the fair damsel's college roommate and the groom's best friend.

The parents of the Bride and Groom, so happy that everything went off without a hitch. Finally no more worries because their babies have found true love.

The Groom surrounded by the women who have and will dominate his life!

The Bride was attended by her siblings and their offspring.

The Groom's extended family is in partial attendance. One brother and his offspring live too far away to travel at so short a notice.

No wedding is complete with out cake and other delicious treats (including the Bride's specific request of cheese wafers - no wedding is complete without them!)

The cutting of the cake using the young Prince's sword.

There will be NO shoving of cake in the face of this fair damsel.

This is a civilized union.

Gifts were bestowed upon the newlywed couple. This particular one will come in handy as the young lady learns to prepare massive feasts for her beloved. Notice the young page as he takes a photograph of the Prince and his wife, storing away memories for when it is his turn to follow in his uncle's footsteps.

and thus begins the story of a lifetime, guaranteed to have a happy ending!

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  1. Aww sweet. I still think it's crazy that you guys got married after 66 days. Leslie and I have been together almost ten years, maybe we should think about actually tying the knot sometime-ha ha!