Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How We Spent Memorial Day

Thank goodness for long holiday weekends! My dear husband has been experiencing mild to severe back pain for several weeks now. He's seen his regular doctor and a more recently a chiropractor in an effort to identify the cause of the pain and more importantly, a cure for it. The doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer and an an anti-inflammatory that hasn't done much to help. More recently the chiropractor has called for rest and foregoing any type of physical activities. According to DH she said, "no honey-do list this weekend." I think he was secretly thrilled at the prospect of being lazy with a excuse.

He spent most of the weekend on the couch watching TV. One day of it was good - it allowed him to catch up on all the sleep he missed out on during the week. Day two he felt somewhat rested and still relished the idea of doing nothing. However by day three, he was getting a little stir crazy. I knew I was going to have to step in and suggest something or he was going to drive me crazy for the rest of the day.

We needed to find something that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg, that would give us a little exercise but nothing overly strenuous, and something that was mildly entertaining. We ended up going to Town Center Park in Suwanee. For those unfamiliar with it, Town Center Park is an urban-style park. It consists of homes, shops, restaurants, green space, interactive fountains, and sidewalks for walking and riding bikes. (More can be read about it here.) We started with lunch at Mellow Mushroom, (yes, apparently all of our outings seem to revolve around food),  followed by a walk around the park.

The park was busy but not crowded. Their big Memorial Day festivities were Friday, Monday was just a day of family time.

We saw kids playing in the fountains, 

families on the lawn throwing balls and frisbees, couples sitting on blankets reading and napping, kids and adults riding bicycles, and people walking their canine friends.

... and then there were the art sculptures scattered throughout the park. Hubby and I instantly went in to "tourist mode" and out came the cameras (much to the dismay of our twenty-something adult son who had tagged along).

Dale started it when he took this shot of me and Ian standing next to the "Wall Walker" 
this guy was a little creepy with his two legs and one arm.

I captured a shot of the Hubby 
in front of the whirly thingy. I can't remember the name of the sculpture.

And then there was this piece 
which was strangely fascinating. I liked it the best.

There were several other sculptures that I didn't photograph but I did get a shot of this chalk drawing

which I'm willing to bet some middle-school girl left behind.

As we were walking the path Hubby and I discussed how nice it would be to buy one of the condos or townhomes for our retirement. We would have plenty of restaurants to choose from daily and cooking at home would be a thing of the past! Ahhhh, a girl can dream, right?

Anyway, it was a pleasant day, sunny with a cool breeze which made for a perfect outdoor outing. The only thing missing was our youngest son and room in our tummies for dessert. Maybe next weekend?!

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  1. The cow drawing may be part of their Farmer's Market area. They have a very nice one twice a week (I think Saturday mornings and one evening during the week.) The stalls are set up in the area I think in the picture and sometimes different vendors have some chalk drawings out front! Suwanee is such a nice town, I love what they have done with the square there (and I love some Mellow Mushroom as well!)