Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Scottish, what are you?

I had 34 drafts in my Edit Posts file. Notice the key word here "HAD". There are now only two drafts.

What this means is there were 32 potential blog entries, in various  forms of completion, that will now never see the light of day. For whatever reason (some of which I can't even recall) none of them made the cut but I kept hanging on to them in hopes of someday pulling them out, blowing the dust off, and finishing them up. Instead, today I ruthlessly gave them the ax.

Take your hat off, bow your head, and let's have a moment of silence for their long overdue demise.

In other news today I cleaned air conditioning filters. Let me tell you, that's a fun and exciting job. NOT! See why I don't blog very often? My life is just too full of boring, mundane events.

I also did a little work on a project I've started. It's a blog documenting our family roots. I can tell you, due to the mad investigative skills of my cousin the genealogist, that my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather was born around 1632 and came to America from Scotland in 1652. He was a prisoner of Oliver Cromwell's, captured in the Battle of Worcester and banished to the colonies to work out his indentureship. That's pretty exciting don't ya think? I mean the fact that I know the facts, not the facts themselves, 'cause being a prisoner/servant isn't exactly a walk in the park, if you know what I mean.

Anywho, I bet my boys had no idea they had Scottish roots from both sides of their family. I actually think they might get a double whammy from my side because my mother is a descendant from the aforementioned 6x-great grandpa and I'm pretty sure my dad's side had Scottish roots too. And, of course, everyone knows Frazier is Scottish. So there you have it, we're doomed 'cause we have hot-tempered Scottish blood coursing through our veins. If I ever go postal that fact will be my defense, "sorry judge, it was the Scottish blood that made me do it!"

As to the family history blog, I would like to say you will get to read all about it one day but sadly that's probably not the case. My cousin says we should keep this info private 'cause of all the devious people out there that might try to use the info to steal our identities. What a shame bad people suck and take the all the fun out of life. Anyway, I'll probably make the blog available to family members only - which is sad because so much information that genealogist today have comes from people sharing on the internet. It's also so sad because I know you're all just dying to know where the heck I came from.

Darn internet. It's a wonderful tool and a dastardly one at the same time. I bet Al Gore had no idea what havoc he was creating when he invented the internet!
Ha, ha 

Sorry, I'm cracking myself up here. I guess that means it's time to put away the keyboard and fix dinner. Gotta feed those Scottish lads of mine.


  1. Where did you think our green eyes come from. Scotland, which makes me wonder where did mother get her brown eyes. She's the only one who has them. Just a thought

  2. See I'm impressed you had that many drafts. I always draft things in my head and don't write them down. Usually this is for the best. Usually my best posts would be around 10pm, after some tequila. They might sound like the guy from your baseball game though so usually I try not to drink and type. I also try not to drink and text or drink and call my mom. Drunk dialing your mom is not cool. Trust me. Where was I going with this? Ooo I made a good easy dinner last night that all your boys would like...