Saturday, September 1, 2012

Double the pleasure, double the fun

As we all know, I am obsessed with cats and kittens. Just call me the Cat Lady. Currently we only have one and while I love her, IT'S NOT ENOUGH.  I want need more cats! Or to be specific, kittens. One would be acceptable but two is preferable. It's just like Doublemint gum, double your pleasure, double your fun.  Unfortunately the old curmudgeon who lives with me doesn't agree. (He's obviously chewing the wrong gum)

So, let me present you with my arguments and see if you don't agree that I NEED KITTENS!

  1. Spunky is lonely being the only four legged creature in the home. She needs feline companionship AND it would allow her the opportunity to play mother, something she's not been able to do. 
  2. Spunky has become quite spoiled being an only "child" and she needs to be brought down a notch or two
  3. Spunky won't have anything to do with Eddie who desperately wants a pet.  But, his mom says no. If I had kittens he could love on and play with them, get his pet-fix here, and his mom would not have to worry about a thing.   
  4. Dale (aka Mr Grumpy) gets mad because Spunky won't sit on his lap or cuddle in bed with him. I guess I could fill the job but kittens would be cuter, lighter, and a lot more fun, trust me. 
  5. If I had kittens at home I wouldn't need to scour the Internet looking for cute cat photos and videos. Mr Grumpy thinks I should get a job to fill my time but I think loving on and playing with my very on kittens would be a much better use of my time, don't you think?
  6. And here's the ace card - there's so many kitties out in the world who need a good home, who am I to deny them? 
So what say the readers? Don't you agree that I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a couple of kittens? 

For now I guess I will have to live vicariously through this Kittencam feed I found on the internet. It isn't quite the same as having the furry little bundles in my home but will have to do for the moment. 

I can sit and watch it forever and things will only get more entertaining as they get older. Right now it seems all they do is sleep and nurse. One of them has begun to wander around a little, hopefully his siblings will soon follow suit. And, I must say, Mama kitty is one patient woman. If I had four babies crawling all over me all the time I'd be running for the nearest exit. 

And, just as I said that, Mama cat got up and left, scattering her babies everywhere! They've all got this look on their faces that asks "what the heck just happened?" I just want to reach through the computer, kiss their little pink noses, and pull 'em into my lap.

I've got one more argument and I'm sure all my Facebook friends and blog readers will high-five this one .... if I have new kittens at home I will be able to post lots more kitty photos for all to enjoy. That alone should win you over.  

I need these kittens and 




Please convince Mr Grumpy that we neeeeeeeeeeeed kittens!


  1. Yes, Mr. Grumpy, Sherri NEEDS kittens! She needs an extra one for me too, because Casey is allergic and I can't have one at all! :-(

  2. I've been slammed and away from my PC (and it's hard to type long rambling important answers from the iphone.)

    I think you so need some more cats. We have two, they love each other (ok actually no I think they hate each other) but their lives would be very boring if they did not have each other.

    I think the number one reason you need more cats is because so are soooo many sweet kitties out there that do need homes-badly. And I can't have any more kitties.

    In fact I have two spares...would you like some slightly older maybe 5 year old kitties? I could drop them off. All fixed and ready to go. I'll even bring some treats, food and extra litter boxes...