Monday, September 24, 2012

The way we were

My husband decided to clean out his wallet this weekend. The insert that holds photos was in sorry shape and didn't make it back into the wallet. Considering how old the photos are I'm thinking it's a good thing he's finally tossed them.

Here's the photo of me   that was taken in 1987 at our wedding!

Ian  and Andrew

These are school photos so they must have been from 1997 when Ian was in 3rd and Andrew in 2nd grade, the last year of public school. The photos are in terrible condition, I guess 14 years in a wallet will do it!

And finally, this photo of his parents  dated 1992. The Olan Mills photo hasn't held up much better than the school ones.

I'd give anything if I were still that thin and had that much hair, but alas, life goes on. Ian has graduated from college and is living out of state. Andrew is in his final year at school and contemplating the next step. Dale's dad passed away in 2006 but his Mom, now ninety years young, is still sharp as a tack and just as sassy as ever.
Just so he doesn't feel left out of this trip down memory lane, here's a shot of my hubby also from 1992  He's still just as handsome now as he was back then!

Time has marched on and it is time to retire the old photographs. Besides, with the invention of cell phones with cameras who carries photos in their wallet anymore anyway?

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