Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One step closer

Yesterday I took another step towards getting back into scrapbooking. I cleared out space in what was first known as the Scrap Room, then the Sewing Room, and shall now be referred to as simply MY ROOM. 

Husband's computer got booted (hehe, get it - booted?) to the desk in the dining room, a new layer of butcher block on the table top for doodling and designing, totes of memorabilia and photos located, stacked and ready.

I don't have the paper organization that I had before. This  
will have to do for now.

Obviously I have plenty of paper. Markers, pens, chalks, stamps, etc have been sitting around patiently waiting on me to return.

I still have plenty of embellishments.
Hopefully I have enough adhesives to get started, something I need to check on.

Since I haven't scrapped in so long who knows what new products are out there now. However, I must refrain from spending much money. I really need to use up what I have first.

Both boys albums are pretty full so I will need to get new ones. I will have to decide whether to continue with 3-ring binders (I don't think Michaels is still carrying my brand or the page protectors) or switch over to strap hinge. I also need to decide if I want to continue in 12x12 or switch back to 8.5 x 11. The smaller size won't hold as many photos but it's easier for scanning and sharing here on the blog.  I will also need to decide if I am  going to scrap in any kind of order ie by date, by kid, by event, etc.

Lot's of decisions to make but I'm determined to not get overwhelmed by it all, to simply work and enjoy myself while doing so. I also need to stop thinking and talking about it and JUST DO IT!


  1. Your space is beautiful, Sherri. I can't wait to see the fruits of your labors!

  2. I'm thinking I shall want/have my own room in my next phase of life! Right now I have a corner, but it's a nice corner. :-D I have to laugh at your bins.. one for each child, bins for photos.. Um... We could be twins that way! ;-)

  3. You have a cool room and organized everything well!! Disciplined?? Yeah!!

    Me .. wanna have a room for myself soon .. organized like a military store room .. with everything having a right place .. and everything in it's right place!! Ha Ha!!!

    with warm regards

  4. How did I somehow miss following your blog? You should come to my crafting lair sometime for some crafting time ;)