Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today I am Gloating

Everyone who knows me well knows I am addicted to technology, gadgets, the internet, and online games. There's other things but we won't talk about them here because I don't want anyone showing up at my house trying to hold an intervention.

Today I am talking about one of these addictions. It's an app on my iPhone, a game called Word with Friends. Better known as Scrabble, Words with Friends is basically the same game we all grew up playing with a few minor differences:

  1. obviously you are playing on a phone, not a game board set up on the dining room table
  2. you don't have to worry about spelling something wrong and losing your turn, on Words you can keep trying until you get it right
  3. the game can move much slower than in "real time," everyone plays at their convenience, hours sometimes days can go between moves
Other than that everything is pretty much the same

In both real life and on the phone, I'm a lousy player. I just don't have an "eye" for seeing "multiple words" - you know the ones where you add a letter or two and it creates words up and down, across, and in between; those words that are worth a lot of points. I just don't see them. 

Anyway, today was a different day. Today I finally rocked at Words! 

One word. Placed on a Double Word square AND a Triple Word square. AND, I USED ALL MY LETTERS. Yes, I am shouting!

WOOHOO!! One hundred and seventy-three points. Yes, 173 points for ONE word. Is that a record? For me, yes, but probably not for anyone else. And so.....today, I'm gloating because finally I ROCK at Words with Friends. (tomorrow, I'll probably back to five letter words worth sixteen measly points).

And, yes - I got a screen shot of the moment in history. 

Heehee, what a geek!


  1. glad i don't have a smart phone! i have enough time distracters i'm addicted to already... ie, facebook, internet surfing, sudoku... Glad for you tho!

  2. Who are you trying to kid, Sherri? You ANNIHILATED me the last time we played! If you are a lousy player, what does that make me? :-(

  3. It takes so little to make you happy. Good job.