Thursday, May 19, 2011

The blog post that almost wasn't

I originally wrote this blog on 5/10. It never got published because the power source to my laptop died. Yes, I was without my beloved laptop for over a week. Oh, the horrors of it all. I was able to post that one blog whining about my situation but wasn't able to publish this one until now. Even though it's old news I thought I'd go ahead and post it .... just because!

Busy, whirlwind weekend. Friday we drove to Knoxville for Sarah's graduation. Saturday we toured downtown K'ville with Ian and then returned home. Sunday we played hooky and recuperated from our trip. I guess we are getting old when it requires a day of rest after a two day road trip.

Speaking of age, Friday was another milestone. I had a birthday. We won't talk about the number, let's just say that it's one more than it was the year before. I received lots of birthday wishes from family and friends on Facebook and that's about it for celebrating. Don't feel bad for me because it's the way we roll around here, no big celebrations. I know that's alien to a lot of folks but for us it's normal.

When the boys were younger we did have parties for them, with cake and decorations, presents, and family and friends in attendance. But as they got older the celebrations took on a more sedate mode.Nowadays we usually go out to eat as a family, with the birthday boy or girl picking the location. It's pretty much the same for all the Hallmark holidays like Valentines Day, and Mother and Father's day.

Speaking of Mother's Day, that was this weekend too. I didn't get to see my boys on M'day as we had returned home and they were still at school preparing for finals week. I did get a sweet Facebook post from one and text message from the other. A lot of mom's might have been put out by not having their kids around for their day but for me the best part of being a mother is that I KNOW that my two boys love and appreciate me. They've both grown into fine young men and nothing is sweeter for a mama than knowing that her kids turned out ALL RIGHT! Besides, the best present they could have given me .... pass all those finals with flying colors!

Hubby and I did go out for lunch and then on to Home Depot to purchase a new weed-whacker-eater-thingy. I guess if I want to get technical I could say I got a gift this year. Albeit a practical one that my honey-bunny will use more than I will, it is definitely something I wanted/needed. Remember all that yard work I did a month or so ago? Well, guess what .... it all grew back! Apparently just cutting it back didn't kill it and barring chemical treatments, it will continue to grow back. Evidently if I am going to get the weed free yard I want there will have to be regular weed whacking.

Yay! for the new weed-eater but bummer on the ever-growing weeds. Have I mentioned lately that I despise yard work? Oh well, maybe I can bribe Andrew into doing some of it while he is home for the summer. Ian won't be here, he's going to Seattle, Washington for the summer to work at a camp....the things some guys will do to get away from doing chores!

Back to the weekend, the big event was not my birthday, nor was it Mother's Day. Nope, the BIG EVENT was Sarah's graduation. What an honor it was to watch her walk the procession, and then walk across the stage to get her diploma. She graduated with honors, Summa Cum Laude. Ian was so proud of her. Her parents were here, all the way from Japan, and her Grandma flew in from Florida. We were excited to be a part of the celebration and also to know that next year we will be back for Ian's graduation and then the following year for Andrew's. So proud of all the kids for their hard work and dedication, and most importantly for their commitment to careers that God has called them to.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Glad you're back! Belated happy birthday; glad you had such a great weekend. You deserve it! And congrats on the weed eater; that's something I need to purchase. What kind did you get?