Monday, May 23, 2011

Here I go again!

My timing is not always what it should be. I've decided to embark on a new home project. It's going to be one of those things that makes my husband shake his head and retreat to back of the house. My boys will also try to hide but because it requires some muscles they will be obliged to give me a hand. We will all be grumbling about the heat, the forecast is for above ninety degree temps all week. While we won't be working outside, we will be in the garage which is just as bad. Sorry guys, but it has to happen now before Ian heads to Seattle. We're just going to have to buck up and carry on.

I'm not going into details about my project other than to show you what has to be tackled prior to working on the project.

It starts here.  

Scary isn't it?! This is one wall of my garage. Believer or not, there's a window behind that mountain of crap stuff. If my husband is reading this he is cringing, embarrassed that I've posted this mess for all of internet-dom to see.

With that said, I feel compelled at this point to place a disclaimer here. This mess is not all mine! Believe me, the hubbs is just as responsible for it as I am.

 My mother thinks we should go on the Hoarders Show. Believe me if they'd come take away all this stuff I'd gladly let them as long as I didn't have to appear on TV. Somehow I think that defeats the whole purpose of the show though,  ... to publicly humiliate document  the poor slobs who live in such a mess.

I won't even go into how or why the garage got into this mess considering we did a major cleanup out here just about five years ago. It's amazing how quickly things like this can get out of hand.

I also have to admit that I am not tackling this job out of embarrassment or a need to make things right. The truth is, there is piece of furniture somewhere in all that mess that I want to get my hands on. That's why I'm tackling this mountain of junk!

Look close and see if you can find the piece of furniture covered and smothered in totes, boxes, fans, ice chests, etc. 

Keep your fingers crossed that I accomplish my goal, that no one disappears into the abyss, and that I will soon be updating you on a brand new look.


  1. Good Luck!! The only reason I never had a garage like that is because I moved ever so many years over the past 47+ years. Louise

  2. I'm sorry, Sherri, but I'm NOT impressed. My garage looks MUCH worse. And since a lot of the mess is Josh's, I don't even know where to start when it comes to cleaning it up. So it just gets worse and worse. Sigh.