Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Say It Ain't So

It appears I won't be wowing you with my latest project. Apparently my children, yes I am calling them CHILDREN today, think it's a dumb idea and are not cooperating with their part. HMPF! Obviously they have forgotten who went through torturous labor to bring them into this world. They don't seem to remember who SACRIFICED a career in order to save them from public school and give them the best darn education a mother's love could buy. Nor is number two remembering who's putting food on his plate this summer as well as sharing her ride. And surely number one will be crying for his mama later this summer while he's two thousand miles from home, dealing with whiny, homesick kids, eating camp food, and missing out on internet and cable tv.

I'm thinking that maybe the husband got wind of said project and is secretly singing hallelujah to it's demise. In fact I wouldn't put it past him to have spearheaded the whole "let's torpedo Mom's project" plan.  So, for now my project is on hold and will not be mentioned again until those two brats remember their place and the hubs begs for forgiveness.

But that's ok, because like an elephant, I never forget. I will keep it on the back burner and bring it back up when they least expect it, when they are at their most vulnerable, and in need of a favor. At that point, once again, I will reign and the boys will be at my mercy. As for the husband, even if he ends up being guiltless in this treachery, he did after all spawn these kids. Consequently he's guilty just by association and genes so it's only right that he will have to suffer right along with them.

Now that I got all that out of my system (Ifeelbetternowthankyouverymuch) I have to admit, upon waking this morning, I really wasn't all that excited about working in the 500-degree garage. The thought of going through all the junk just to pull out a piece of furniture suddenly didn't seem as appealing as it did yesterday. And while I still want to execute my decor change, it's not like it's a matter of life and death.

But, you know what? We really don't have to mention that fact to the males in this family. It never hurts to have a little leverage on hand for the next hair-brained idea I get.

So for now,

We'll just keep that little secret to ourselves. OK?


  1. Well, my garage project cannot be put off much longer, as it is difficult to walk safely from my car into the house, and almost impossible to get to the back door. And since I get the kind of cooperation you do from my offspring, I might just have to tackle it myself, heat or not heat. Sigh.

  2. Already over this hot hot weather! Headed out to the garden myself in a few minutes and then to mow the grass before 90 degrees sets in.

  3. i enjoy your blog so much! Louise