Friday, October 28, 2011

Let me tell you how I really feel

I totally stole this photo off my cousin's Facebook page. He has the most precocious, delightful child who, apparent from this photo, doesn't hold back when it comes to telling you how he feels. He could be all up in his parents face yelling his displeasure, pitching a tantrum, and trashing his room. Instead he takes the more diplomatic approach of stating his displeasure on paper .... and posting it for them to see.

I wish I had seen this photo last night because I would have totally copied his idea. Except my signs would have been "Danger Mad Wife" and "No mean husbands allowed." Instead I used the other passive aggressive approach after stating verbally "I'm never playing with you again," and gave the hubs the silent treatment for the rest of the night. For the record ladies, the silent treatment isn't really all that effective with most men. Usually they're so happy to have some peace and quiet it takes awhile for it to sink in that they're in the dog house. Anyway, I say we follow Carlos' lead and post signs on our doors telling "them" how we really feel.

If you're wondering what Dale did that warranted such a reaction I'll show you 

Do you see it? My not so dear husband beat me in Words With Friends not once, not twice but five times in a row. And he didn't beat me just a little, he beat me BAD. (We won't even talk about the fact that my sister-in-law and friend Jennifer also rubbed salt in the wound by beating me).

I remember now why I stopped playing Scrabble with Dale. He is good at coming up with words I don't know, he see places to play letters that I would never see, and he's ruthless when it comes to winning. He's also very lucky when it comes to getting the good letters. At one point I had three I's, two U's, an O and some consonant that I can't remember ... the only thing worse than those letters is having V,K,Z,Q,L,G, and W. Yes, those were actual letters I had for one play.

I guess it's only fair for me to come clean and confess a few things:

1. I don't like losing.
2. I don't like competition, mostly because ... well, see #1, but also because it makes me anxious and nervous and who likes those feelings? Not me!

Considering #1 and #2, it should come as no surprise when I say I don't like playing games. I'm actually talking about games that involve other people. I can sit and play computer games BY MYSELF all day long. But board games, card games, and such .... NOT MY THING. Just ask my kids. Poor boys had all the board games growing up but Mom would never play with them. The ladies at church are always asking me to join them for game night but I never go. And now there's Words with Friends on my cell phone and Facebook and they have started taunting me. It's fun when you win, it's painful when you lose, and it's sheer torture when you're repeatedly stomped into the ground ... therefore, I surrender.

Allow me to tell you how I really feel

If there's anyone out there saying I'm a poor loser and acting like a baby. Yessir, that's right! I claim my crown and will wear it with pride.

It's sad isn't it, to let a game have such an impact on one's life? No more! For those of you currently playing Words with me ... this is our last game. Don't take it personally, it's me not you (ah, the oldest breakup line in the world). Really, it's all on meeeeeeeeee.

Now, excuse me while I crawl away to hide and lick my wounds ... and wipe that darn app off my phone!


  1. Hahahaha love it! Thanks for the laugh...I sure needed one.

  2. You crack me up, Sherri! I have a love/hate relationship with WWF myself. Maybe I should follow your lead...