Monday, October 3, 2011

Who knew?

Apparently  a few people do read my blog. In the past couple of days I've gotten a few inquiries as to where I've been. I'd like to say I've been on vacation to some exotic location  but alas, 'tis not true. I've been mired down in the doldrums ... and that's all we're gonna say about that. On to better stuff.

I just had the best weekend. The boys took time out of  their busy school schedule to drive down for a quick visit and Sarah came along too. Nothing picks me up better than time spent with my kids.

Ian and his dad headed out early Saturday to get a new muffler for his car. On their way home they stopped at Kroger for a couple of packs of cinnamon rolls. Warm-from-the-oven cinnamon rolls is a sure fire way to get the rest of us lazy heads moving faster in the morning.

What a great start to the day, yummy breakfast and a car that no longer sounds like a tank driving the road.

We spent a couple of hours catching up on news, Dale opened up his barber shop to buzz Andrew's head, and we spaced out five showers (we really should have gotten a bigger tank when we replaced the hot water heater a couple of years ago - 40 gallons doesn't go so far when everyone is home - last one in takes a real quickie!). All dressed in long sleeves and jeans (yay for Fall weather!) we headed out for what we do best - EAT!

Whenever we are trying to decide where we want to eat it inevitably turns into a game of "where do you want to go? I don't know, where do you want to go?" So today I decided to go against the norm and say "I want a burger, your choices are Cheeseburger Bobby's, my favorite and Georgia's best kept secret, or 5 Guys. The consensus was 5Guys because it isn't as far, it's closer to Goodwill, and, according to Ian, the fries are better. So, off we went to 5Guys. But don't despair, Cheeseburger Bobby's I'll see you next weekend.

On this crisp Fall day we are all giddy in anticipation of a momentous occurrence ... Ian is going to eat a hamburger. Yes, you heard that right. Macaroni and cheese boy is gonna eat a hamburger! And rest assured, for an event of this magnitude, Mama definitely had her camera out.

 hmmmm, this appears to be quite tasty.  I think it's the bacon and the grilled onions that really make it good.

Check out Sarah's burger, she got it with everything .... Ian is not that brave yet.

Dad is shocked, He can't believe he's witnessing his firstborn chowing down on a burger.

Andrew thinks if he ignores me I will go away with my camera ....NOT, gonna happen, haven't you learned yet?

Just don't make eye contact and maybe she'll go away

I'm trying but she just won't stop!

Today these two are going along with me. Personally I think they're enjoying all the attention.

Especially this guy 
going for the last bite.

Now get outta here ma!

For those of you who don't know the story behind my picky eater, this child lived off PB&J, macaroni &cheese, chicken nuggets and cheese pizza for the first eighteen years of his life. The one and only time we got him to try a hamburger he gagged and threw it up. Did I mention we were at a cookout with friends from church? Yes it was embarrassing for us parents and apparently pretty traumatic for the boy because up until recently he's steered clear of hamburgers and ground beef in general. We are so proud that he's all "growed" up now and eating big boy food. I don't know if it's college or the girlfriend that has gotten him to try new foods but whichever, I'm eternally grateful.

After lunch we invaded the local Goodwill store. It's really funny how my children have gotten into "thrifting." As they perused the store for hidden treasure  it reminded me of the first time I took the boys to Goodwill. Andrew was horrified. "I am NOT going to wear clothes that someone else has worn," he stated. "That's just gross!" It didn't matter that he was standing there wearing a pair of jeans he got from Philip Hartman and a hand-me-down shirt from Drew Johns, he was not having anything to do with second hand clothes from a store.

Thank goodness he's gotten over that hangup! If not, think of all the treasures he'd miss out on.

Speaking of treasures, my hubby with thrilled with his find. 
He's always looking for Ohio State paraphernalia and it's slim pickin's down here in the land of Georgia Bulldawgs. Go Buckeyes!

Here's Ian assisting Sarah in her search for something cute to wear 
and Dale and Andrew are making their purchases.

See that orange shirt in Andrew's stack? Ian used to have one just like it. I took it from him, wore it for awhile and then put it in our Goodwill pile last year. Wouldn't it be funny if Andrew was buying back our own shirt?

I'm the only one who didn't make a purchase. I'm still holding out for the elusive round table I want for my breakfast nook. If anyone sees one at a thrift store or garage sale call me right away 'cause I really neeeeed that round table!

According to Ian all the photos I've taken today are proof that I am a stalker lady. He claims it's creepy that I'm taking photos of them shopping. I told him to hush and be glad I didn't take any at our next stop - Walmart. Otherwise, I'd be posting photos of him buying that pair of Batman underwear he just had to have.

I thought the days of action themed underwear were over.
I'm so gonna get in trouble for posting this....
 Apparently I was wrong. Don't you just love their little squishy faces? I just want to kiss their chubby cheeks and pinch their hineys! Yes, moms are weird like that.

After all that exhausting shopping we headed home to watch a little football, do a little homework, catch a few zzzz's, and prepare ourselves for the next meal. And what a meal it was. Grilled chicken breasts seasoned and wrapped in bacon. Roasted squash, asparagus, onion, and zucchini (why is it I can never remember how to spell this word and always have to look it up?), and mashed potatoes. It was delicious even if I do say so myself. And, no, I did not take any photographs of this magazine worthy dinner. We were too busy scarfing it down. We also had a double score today because Mr Picky Eater tried the veggies, including one asparagus tip that I forced on him. He'll never admit it but I'm pretty sure he liked it. We'll find out next time they're home 'cause I'm definitely making this dish again.

After dinner we had a repeat of the afternoon - football, homework, and talking. Yes, we do a lot of talking. And laughing. And just enjoying being home together. I'm so blessed that my boys like spending time with their parents and they keep coming back even though Mama keeps sharing their lives with all of blogdom.
Love you Andrew, Love you Ian!


  1. I have missed you, too! Thank you for sharing your Saturday with us! :-)

  2. I missed you too but knew you were busy with the kiddos! Burgers and Goodwill! Two of my favorite things!

  3. really enjoyed catching up on you guys.... obviously it helped w/ the doldrums as you blogged.. so pleased Ian has progressed to big boy food... i credit the girl friend... and goodwill is my favorite place to shop now, especially the one in Johns Creek where there use to be a Steinmart.... or on alpharetta hiway close to work.... wish i had discovered it sooner..

  4. btw, if you can't figure out who nurse betty is, ask your sister!! w/ my new smartphone, i now know how to sign into google.... what giant step!!