Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ready, set, FLY!

Soooooooooo, my oldest son is moving out this weekend. Not only is he moving out, he's moving away. Tomorrow  Ian will be packing up his car and heading back to Knoxville. Only this time it's not for school. It's for a job, an apartment, and a new life.
one last mowing job before heading north

For the record, I'm not sad.

Ok, I'm a little bit sad, BUT I'm not wallowing in misery.

I knew this day would come. In fact, I've been preparing myself and him for this day for 8,271 days.

 It's just hard to let go and admit that the little boy no longer exists except in videos, snapshots, and a mom's memory.

such a happy toddler

I'm excited for him and the adventure that lies ahead. I would be lying though, if I said I wasn't a little anxious. My husband said we need to just pretend he's going back to school.

first day of school

I think it's an excellent plan.

first time wearing a tux

Meanwhile the three of us left at home are fighting over what to do with his room. I want to move the elliptical in there and also use it as a guest room. Andrew wants to set up his drums in there and Dale agrees it would make an excellent music room. We'll have to see who wins this battle.

playin' baseball
the evidence - yes. he went through an earring stage

moving into JU for the first time
For all those parents who cry the first time they drop their baby off at daycare, pre-school or Kindergarten let me tell you ... This day caused even more tears. Tears of joy, sadness, fear of the unknown, and the realization that he's literally on the edge of the nest ready to soar.

first step to becoming an adult, now the real "work" begins!
Tomorrow he spreads those wings and flies!


  1. You've had him for eighteen years tu teach all the "life lessons" that he needs; and all lessons he learned on while growing. I believe in. I know he has strong faith. So that's the most important he needs to know. And of course the ones he has learned from you and Dale. And, also Andrew. So with pride you should push (i mean)open the door for him to take the first step as a new man. I'll let you know when I have accepted it myself. Remember he was my baby boy for 2 yrs, (you know the informative years).lol. I know how excited he must be, so tell him goodby, good luck and have a blast. I Love You Ian.

  2. I vote for more crafting space personally ;)

  3. You must be SOOOO proud! Congratulations to all of you. And I agree with Queen; YOU should have the final say about how that extra space is used. :-)