Friday, July 27, 2012

What's for dinner?

Last night in the middle of dinner I got a text from my eldest son asking for directions on cooking green beans and corn-on-the-cob. Ever since he moved to Tennessee I've gotten several of these texts asking for help with things such as how I cook a pork roast, how long to boil chicken and what to do with the broth, and what's my recipe for Ritz Chicken. I'm excited that Mr Picky-Eater is not only learning to eat new foods but is also wanting to expand his cooking skills. 

I also can't help but feel a little guilty that I didn't put more emphasis on teaching him how to cook while he was still living at home. But, with cell phones I'm only a text or call away. I was also able to let him sign into my Evernote account and he now has access to all my  favorite recipes. As long as he can come up with the money to buy groceries I'm pretty sure he won't go hungry. And who knows, if he keeps watching all those cooking shows, chances are he'll end being a much better cook than mom!

We exchanged photos of our meals, first mine 
and then his 

His actually looks like the more balanced meal but in my defense I have all my veggies mixed into the omelet. Too bad I forgot all about making the hashbrowns that usually accompany this dish. 

Anyway, I'm proud of my boy for how far he's come. But, there is comfort in knowing that my little mac-n-cheese lover still loves the blue box delicacy.  So, for those meals where he's low on groceries or feeling lazy, as long as there's a blue box sitting in the pantry he's not going to starve! 


  1. Love this post, Sherri. As you know, I take pictures of my food ALL THE TIME. When I was on my cruise last month, one lady said she wasn't sure it was me sitting across the dining room and then she saw the flash of my camera taking a picture of my dinner plate. So she came over and joined me for dessert - and of course I took a picture of that, too! LOL!!

  2. Pam, I love taking food photos too. Embarrasses my family to death!

  3. Mom and I love trading pictures of food, it sort of makes us feel closer. Then again I like anything having to do with food ;)