Monday, July 9, 2012

Sometimes I annoy myself.

Why, oh why do I let little things bother me? I'm talking about small, insignificant things. Things that probably wouldn't even be a blip on someone else's radar are a CAT 4 hurricane on mine. The problem I have is once I've "seen' them, I can't "un-see" them. And, once they're seared into my brain, I can't let them go until there is some sort of resolution.  Being me can be oh, so tiring!

Today's insignificant catastrophe ... I've just spent the last half hour fretting over a gadget on my computer desktop that isn't working correctly. 

It's a snow globe. It's supposed to give me the current temperature and a four day forecast. The problem? It's eleven a.m. and even though we've had some wickedly hot temps this summer, I'm pretty sure it isn't already ninety degrees outside. 

Does it not working correctly affect my use of the computer? No, not at all. Does it not working correctly mean I'm in the dark concerning the weather? No, there's always the app on my phone or the weather channel on tv that can update me. Not to mention there's an outdoor thermometer right outside the kitchen window. (Hmmm, Why do I even need this many ways to check the weather anyway?)

So, why is it such a big deal and why have I spent an hour of my day trying to fix it? I guess the answer is - because it's there. Plain and simple. It's there, staring me in the face. Taunting me.

I don't like things taunting me. Telling me I can't do something. Daring me to rise up and overcome.

It's not like I don't like a challenge. It's just that I like them to be on my terms. Challenges I choose to seek out and tackle. Not challenges that hunt me down and tackle me to the ground. Like this stupid snow globe ... refusing to refresh itself.

And, now - it has the audacity to update itself and tell me it's

wait for it

91 degrees!  Say it ain't so!

Not one to just let things go, I checked the outside thermometer 

and my phone 

This snow globe is defective I tell you! Who needs it anyway? Begone snow globe! Off the desktop you go!

Two bad I didn't do that sooner and save myself an hour of frustration and angst. Like I said, sometimes I annoy myself.


  1. It was 92 here earlier, like around noon, maybe it wasn't lying. I'm over this hotness. I feel like I live in one giant hot flash.

  2. LOL, Sherri! Sometimes I annoy myself, too! :-)