Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's not just the elderly who are forgetful

Seven weeks ago my eldest son packed up his most important belongings and moved to Tennessee. He had an apartment to crash in but no job and very little money. Since then he has acquired gainful employment and is settling in to living on his own. For the first time in twenty-three years of life he doesn't have parents to tell him what he can and can't do. After four years at a school that had very stringent rules and regulations, he no longer has to toe a line that has been drawn for him. In addition to making up his own rules, he's learning all kinds of  "hows" -  how to cook, how to budget, how to deal with unexpected costly emergencies ... welcome to the world of adulthood son.

A day after he moved out I immediately began making changes to his room. While I've been adamant that should he ever want to return home he can do so, I've made it perfectly clear that "his" room is now "my" room and I will do with it as I wish. So far the changes have been subtle but they are there. While I don't want this room to become a place for junk I am currently using it for items that need a new home ie. my torture machine and Andrew's drum set.

There are still some of Ian's belongings in the room. Things he couldn't fit into the car, he will eventually need to either claim or give me permission to toss. Realistically there are a few boxes of stuff I don't see him getting until much later in life, after he establishes a more permanent home. If he's like his dad it might be quite awhile and the outcome could be impacted by a significant other in his life. Speaking from experience here, I've been none too happy with some of the "crap" my mother-in-law has foisted on us over the years.  I guess time will only tell how all this plays out.

So, back to the day after he moved out - I was looking  in the closet to see what was left. Hmmm. What is this dress shirt still in the plastic? It wasn't something I'd seen before and frankly didn't look like something he would choose to buy. And then it dawned on me. I bet it's for the wedding he's supposed to be in in a couple of weeks. And that shoe box with dress shoes on the shelf? Bet those are for the wedding too. I shoot him a text and moments later get a reply, "oh crap! yes those are for the wedding. I guess I forgot them." No kidding.

There were other important things that got left behind in his haste to flee the nest. Like his social security card that was locked away in the safebox, and his diploma, both of which were needed in order to find gainful employment. Fortunately it was a problem easily fixed via USPS. Mom to the rescue! It's good to know that my boy still needs me :)

Here's a photo of Ian and another groomsman at the wedding. He cleans up pretty good, doesn't he?

Last Friday my youngest son left home for his final year away at college. This is my meticulous OCD child who plans and packs like a fiend. He had so much stuff I wasn't sure we were going to be able to fit it all in the van. But we did. I should have known better than to fret about it. This kid ... I don't have to worry about. He's always got his act together. 
The day before he left - all the stuff, minus the cat, made it to Knoxville.

Or so I thought ... until I got this text last night.

 I like how it took him five days to fess up! I guess I'll be making another trip to the post office soon. Meanwhile, it's nice to know BOTH boys still need me!

Also. I totally snatched this photo off Johnson's Facebook page.

Looks like they're just coming from the bookstore. Andrew doesn't look too happy, guess he's not too pleased with how much money he just dropped. Austin on the other hand doesn't look sad at all. Maybe it's because he got more than books? While we're here, can I have a mommy brag moment? Did you know that my son is the SGA President at Johnson University? Yep, he's the BMOC.

I always knew he'd be president one day! So, does that make me First Momma??


  1. I often pick up the slack for my kids, too. Casey "forgot" to renew his car tag, which comes due on his birthday 9/5, before he left the country for seven weeks on Tuesday. And since Nathan will be driving it while Casey is gone, I spent a big chunk of today taking the car for an emissions inspection, buying a part since the car didn't pass, and taking it back to the station to have the part replaced and the inspection repeated. Thankfully, it passed the second time. Now I have to write a check for the renewal. Kids! :-)

  2. After just returning from a quick visit to mom and dad's house I got a text that said something like...did you mean to leave all these clothes in this drawer?? Luckily she is bringing them to me on a quick visit here to see her grandkids this weekend. Ian looks fantastic in his fancy duds by the way. And by the way shouldn't that be the crafting room???