Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One, two, everything is new ....

For the past couple of weeks I've alluded to the fact we were working on a home improvement project. I hesitate to call it a renovation because we just don't have the resources or the know-how to do a complete overhaul of the room. Therefore I choose to call it home improvement and trust me, it's an 100% improvement over what it was before.

Without further ado, let me present my new master bathroom.

Now let's back pedal to what it was before. Our bathroom was so hideous that I actually have very few photos of how it looked. Dale asked me before we started if I was going to take pictures and I replied, "no way. I don't want people seeing just how bad it is." Of course halfway into the project I regretted that decision because I really wanted to blog about what a difference a little paint, wood, and elbow grease could make. So, I've been scrounging around trying to find any photos that might paint the picture for you.

I think this photo taken back in the summer when Dale and Andrew were replacing the stems on the handles shows you what we were working with.

I'm not going to give a blow-by-blow detail of what we did, I'll just hit the highlights. We:

  • put up beadboard on the walls and trimmed it out 
  • painted the walls a lighter blue
  • removed the shower doors and replaced with a shower curtain
  • removed the toilet paper, toothbrush, and soap holders mounted on the walls. (This is what you get when you rip take them off the wall) 
  • removed the cabinet hanging on the wall
  • removed the shelf mounted in front of the mirror
  • painted the vanity and replaced all the hardware 
  • faux painted the laminate counter top
  • hung new towel bars
  • bought new toothbrush holder, trash can, toilet paper holder, bathroom scales, towels and bath mat, shower curtain, shower caddy, 
  • new floor
Just for kicks, this is what we dealt with when we moved in back in 1991. Does this scream 1970 or what? 

So, do we have a beautiful new bathroom? NO! Beautiful would have included replacing instead of re-dressing, including new: shower insert, tile floor, vanity with a granite top, and toilet. BUT, for us, it is a major improvement and not so scary to go into anymore. Did we do a perfect job? NO! But, we're proud of the work we did and are happy with the results. (Except maybe the countertop. I think I might redo it, but I'll wait awhile and let Dale recover first). We also plan to replace the light fixture as soon as we get the money AND I think I need to add a piece or two of art on the walls. 

This is probably it for home improvements for awhile. My husband and my checking account are yelling, "Roger that!" 


  1. Wow this turned out GREAT! Nice job, I actually love the removal of the glass door, it opens it up in there a lot. Beadboard looks good too!