Monday, October 22, 2012

Smoking Toddlers?

In December 1995 Dale's nephew James graduated from Kennesaw State University. Dale and the boys were able to attend the graduation,  something we thought might inspire them later on when they started thinking about their futures.

Here's the graduate with Ian. 

Here's a group shot

Doesn't Andrew look angelic? I'm pretty sure there's motive in that look.
More than likely he's pleading for a piece of gum or candy. 

If you give me gum I'm smile really big! 

Like this.

That face deserves a close up don't you think? 

I'm pretty sure Aunt Pat couldn't resist, but she countered back with, "first, give me a pose."

Nephew number one, readily complied   Such a sweet expression. Don't you just love the "bowl" haircut? He used to refer to it as a"bold-cut." Now that I think about it, it was a pretty "bold" (not necessarily in a good way) look!

Time for nephew  #2  Always a bundle of energy, ever the clown.

After that performance I'm pretty sure Weird Aunt Pat came through with the gum.


Should of seen that one coming. Never fear, though, Aunt Pat is always prepared. I'm pretty sure there's more where that came from. So NO, you don't need to pick it up and put it back in your mouth!

Which reminds me of the time we were eating Sunday lunch out with a bunch from church. We were at Denny's and because there were so many of us we had to wait for a table. As is par for the course, the w-a-i-t-i-n-g seemed like an eternity. You can imagine how quiet and well behaved the boys were ...

I'm pretty sure Dad was on child-watch duty because as usual Mom was flapping her gums talking with her friends. Regardless, neither of us were doing a great job of paying attention because we look up and there sits our youngest (maybe around two years old?) with a cigarette butt sticking out of his mouth! He'd picked it up and decided he'd mimic dear Uncle Corky. 

Yep, here's the little buggar with his role model. He loved hanging out with Uncle Corky, and didn't seem to mind the smoke at all! 

Smoking around kids. Little one's running around in nothing but a diaper. Toddlers smoking used cigarettes. Yee ha, Honey BooBoo's family ain't got nuthin' on us!

Seriously though ...we did draw the line at sharing cigarette butts and chewing gum that fell on the pavement at  very public places ... unless of course, the five second rule has been applied. Then all bets are off!


  1. Thank you, Sherri, I needed that all-out uncontrollable laughter fit! :)

  2. Pretty funny.... and yes, you may be in trouble with your youngest! Again I hope there is a way to print all your blogs for your 'history' down the way.... when you recall things like this it helps reinforce your children's memories too....

  3. I remember one time eating lunch with the church crowd at Sonny's on Indian Trail and Barb Priekshadt (sp) spilled part of her salad plate on the floor, which included some which my brother exclaimed..."Mrs. Priekshadt-you peed on the floor!"

    Ha ha ha, good times!