Thursday, November 15, 2012


Anyone who shares their home with a cat knows exactly who the boss is.  They also know, no matter how hard they try to change the situation, in the end, it is usually the CAT who comes out on top.

I pulled out the Thanksgiving tablecloth yesterday and guess who promptly decided she needed to get on the table?

I'm not going to lie and act like this never happens because it does ... but only at the kitchen table. Now that it's just me and Dale eating at home we allow the puddy-cat to eat dinner with us. Sometimes she gets her own plate but mostly we just hand her bits of food. I know most people think this is gross but as long as she stays at her end of the able and doesn't get near my food, we're good.

We only use the dining room table when guests are over or when it's a holiday. Obviously these are times when a cat should NOT be getting on the table so I've been pretty diligent about keeping her away from it. For the most  she behaves herself and refrains from getting up there ... that is until a cloth is put on the table and then the battle begins.

"Excuse me. Are you talking to me?" What do you mean get OFF the table?"

"Oh girl please. Talk to the paw, I'm not listening!"

"That is all, you have been dismissed. Carry on."

Ugh! Little buggar. It's a good thing I love her so much otherwise she'd be toast. Meanwhile, I ask you this. What is it about a tablecloth that attracts her so much? It's like a kitty magnet. Lucky for her I have two of the same cloths and when it comes time to eat our Thanksgiving feast I'll switch them out.

Bazinga, I win!

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