Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brotherly Love

From day one my boys have had a love/hate relationship.

When we brought Andrew home from the hospital Ian wanted to know "when is 'it' going home?"

There were times when I truly wondered if one was going to kill the other, but there were also the times when they played nice. Today they don't fight like they used to and I really feel like they are best friends.

From Dale's notebook - June 7,1993:  Andrew would not leave Ian alone on the way to school today. He kept pinching and hitting. Exasperated, Ian finally said, "I'm not putting up with this today!"  That sounds pretty funny coming from a three-year-old!

The boys look like they're ready to have some fun here. I actually remember this - the water was icy cold but they insisted that it felt good.

I also remember them fighting over the water hose. It was fun pouring the water in the pool but it was even more fun to turn the hose on your brother and hear him scream.

When that happens it seems appropriate to "accidentally" push little brother out of the pool, and then try looking completely innocent.  I'm pretty sure he was once again thinking "I'm not putting up with this today!"

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