Sunday, January 24, 2010


I know that many people see and smell things that bring back memories. Recently I've realized that sounds can do that also. There is a commercial currently playing that brings back memories from my children's youth.


Do you know what it is?

ting....ting....ting....ah, the musical sound of a baseball hitting a metal bat. Springtime and baseball. Little League....I miss those days.

Our boys started playing T-ball and played up through Pony League. There were times when it was really hectic juggling practices and games for two boys. And how can we forget the early season games when we practically froze to death and then the latter games when the heat was stifling and sun-burned noses were an every weekend occurrence.  Of course there were the in-between weeks where the weather was perfect.

As the first-born, Ian played the game first. He played T-ball in the Lawrenceville Rec league. T-ball has got to be the most fun to watch. All those little boys running around, trying to act like the big guys and not really having a clue what they are doing. And of course, half the fun was goofing around in the dugout and snack time at the end of the game.

Ian's first team was the Yankees. They only lost one game during the season and went on to win the title of top-ranked team in the league.

It was another whole season before Andrew began playing and by that time we had moved on to the Dacula League. Andrew's first team was the Braves.

I don't have a clue how much gum he has in his mouth!

At the end of the season he was one of three players to be selected for the All-Star team.

It's pretty obvious they let the kids pick their own numbers - 
whoever heard of a baseball player with that high of a number?!

After that year we decided we'd had enough of the over-the-top competitive rec teams,  the out-of-control-over-involved parents, and the never-ending fund raising events so we opted to change leagues again. This time we signed up to play at Hebron. This was a church-run league that was a top-notch, well run organization. There were over 1100 boys and girls playing baseball and softball. The fees to play were minimal, there was no fund raising, the teams started and ended every game with pray, and there was absolutely no tolerance for argumentative or out-of-control parents and/or fans.

We spent many happy years playing at Hebron.

This particular year Ian was a Marlin

and Andrew was a Met.

Every year Grandma and Grandpa would travel down for a game.

Ian and Grandpa are posing for the photo while Mom and Dad are intently watching Andrew play.

After a while the boys tired of playing and moved on to other things. I really wish they'd played a little longer but, to be honest, as parents we were a little tired too. Today Andrew will tell you that he wishes he'd stuck with it and one regret we have about homeschooling was that he didn't have the opportunity to play in high school. He's a natural when it comes to sports and we'll always wonder "what if?"

Meanwhile we'll just re-live the moment through the dozens of videos we took at the old ball field. And feel nostalgic every time we hear the "ting" of the season.

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