Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Days of Yore ...what does that mean??

People are posting photos from their past on Facebook, here's the one I came up with.

The photo was taken when my family was in Victoria, Texas visiting my cousin Louise and her family.  Off the top of my head I can't remember exactly when - I was around 11,12?   It was the sumer that Karyn was born and we went on our trip out West.

My husband says it looks just like Andrew, our second-born.  He says I have the look of trouble written all over my face...a look Andrew often has.  I need to find a photo of Andrew for comparison.

Here's Dale's photo from the past, he looks around the same age as me.

Everyone always says Ian looks just like him, I don't see it in this photo. However there is no doubt that he is his father's child - personality, mannerisms, abilities, all of it.

And Andrew, yep the male version of his mama. Poor kid! At least he's not wearing his hair in silly pigtails.

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