Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Mary Alice Binkley Frazier AKA Gigi!

Well, we survived the party and it was a complete success. Gigi (aka Mary Alice, Mother, Grandma) was completely surprised and loved every minute of the attention.

Three of her four children were there  as well as four of her ten grandchildren and four of her seven great-grandkids.

She got roses, compliments of her new son-in-law - aren't they beautiful?  Ever the smarty pants I wanted to know why there weren't eighty-nine roses there. Everyone just ignored me.

One of her grandsons-in-law, Hooper, aka Michael, Wesley (what is it with this family and multiple names for one person?)  made an awesome cake for the occasion, complete with candles. Lot's of candles.

taken with another camera it looks like the place is ready to go up in flames!  fortunately no one was harmed in the filming of this incident.

It was so nice to get together and just shoot the breeze with family that we don't get to see often enough.  and it was especially fun watching the younger generation enjoy each other's company.  Even at this young age they are obsessed with technology. My kids and their cousins used to "fight" over cars and Bat Man figures, this generation .... it's iPhones and iPods.

Dale and I laughed on the way home. We are always complaining whenever we go out to eat and there is invariably a loud obnoxious group of diners there. Well, tonight WE were that group. I'm sure all the people dining at Red Lobster in Roswell were not only cursing us for being rowdy but also themselves for picking that night and that particular restaurant for a quiet night of dining.

I guess we should have sent out warning announcements ahead of time. Oh well, maybe next time I will be more accepting of the hooligans around us, if not and I complain about here, please feel free to remind of Gigi's birthday dinner.

Meanwhile, I will close by adding that I survived the great photo debacle and came out somewhat unscathed. It turns out that my niece took pity and made sure to get one decent photo of me.  And while it's not the glamour shot suggested by my friend, Pam, it is acceptable. If you focus on my lips though, I bet you can tell what I'm saying

     "hurry, up and take the dang photo please!"

If only I could learn to keep my mouth shut.

Yeah, that's never gonna happen.


  1. It looks like Gigi had a GREAT party! The roses were beautiful, the cake was lovely, and it was obvious that everyone was having a wonderful time. And I LOVE the picture of you and Dale. :-)

  2. I agree w/ Pam.... and like your closing phrase!