Tuesday, April 5, 2011

That Darn Cat

I kept hearing this rustling noise and couldn't figure out what it was. Since the back door has been open a lot lately I decided I better get up and investigate just to make sure there isn't an unwanted critter somewhere in my house.

Well, it's a critter alright - just a domestic one. She thinks she's a goddess. I think she's a pain in ....never mind, no need for specifics. She is a CAT though, and everyone knows how I love the kitties.

Evidently Spunky didn't think I was paying bills fast enough and thought she should help out. This mess is what I found. .

Or perhaps, knowing her, she could care less about the bills and was, in reality, just trying to find a place to hunker down.  Really missy, you're a small kitty but you are NOT that small. You will NOT fit into that space, no matter how hard you try.

And for all of you who notice the details .... yes, we do play the lottery.  Not that it's done us any good. Some times we only have one or two numbers. Most times not any. But that doesn't stop us from trying.

I figure as long as we are paying our bills and eating it can't hurt to play every once in awhile. And let's not forget "the most fun a dollar can buy" is helping to put thousands of kids through college. Of course mine don't get the Hope $$ because they chose to go to school out of state.

There's also the added fun of playing the game "what will be do with all that money when we win the big one?" So far that list is long and constantly changing.

For now we haven't won but you never know tomorrow might be the day. We can always hope :)

Meanwhile the Goddess has settled down. She's found a nice comfy spot for her afternoon nap.  I am a little nervous though, she sure is giving me the stink eye!


  1. LOL! Sherri, thanks for being the bright spot in a long, hard day!

  2. She is absolutely beautiful. I have a soft spot for the kittens too. :)