Thursday, April 14, 2011

Winners and Losers

I entered a contest today. Pioneer Woman is giving away this  set of pots and pans. I think I should win because .... well, to answer her question How would you rate the current state of your cookware? I replied something along the lines of "a big fat zero because I'm cooking with the same pots and pans I received when I got married twenty-four years ago." Not that it really matters how I  responded because her winners are picked randomly by some computer generated number picker-er. But, you'd think with that sad answer I should win.

Odds are against me winning because PW is so popular she has tens of thousands of people vying for her giveaways. And me, I never win anything. Unless you count the time my employer was raffling off a TV which I won. Well, technically I didn't win, my husband did. And it wasn't even a new TV but one that had been used for playing company videos. And did I mention that everyone accused me of rigging the raffle. Just because I was the one who organized the raffle doesn't mean I rigged the results. Besides, who cheats to win a used TV anyway??

But, I digress. Back to the pots and pans give away. Here's where I would normally post a photo of my current set and say "don't you agree that I deserve to win, after all these years of cooking with these pans?"  But frankly I'm too embarrassed to do so. The condition of my pans is so bad it's amazing that we haven't died from some sort of poisoning.

Yes, they're that bad.

We keep talking about buying a new set but can't seem to take the next step. Part of the problem is the money. OMGosh have you priced cookware lately? The set she's giving away retails for $765. That's close to a house payment for me.

The other side of the problem is I want stainless and my husband prefers teflon coated. I say since I'm the primary cook we should get what I want. However on those few occasions that he cooks his own grill-cheese sandwiches if he doesn't have a teflon coated pan that grill cheese sandwich becomes permanently stuck to my stainless steel pan. And my house reeks of burnt sandwich for days.

Of course since he brings home this bacon  and I only bring home this bacon  ... do you think one bacon trumps the other? Should the holder of the "right" bacon get to make the decision?

Oh well, maybe I will win the giveaway and this will be a moot point. I'll get a lovely set of stainless steel cookware and he can go buy his own teflon coated frying pan.

I'd give you the link to sign up for this giveaway but then that would just lessen my chances of winning. Because you know one more person added to the 15,000+ who've already signed up in just two hours really makes a difference.

Ok, I'll be a good sport, here's her link Pioneer Woman's giveaway but if you win you have to give me something in return. How about becoming a regular follower of my blog because I want to be like PW and have over a million followers. And to my already loyal handful of readers, thanks for reading and the comments you leave. It means a whole lot more to me than a $765 set of stainless pots and pans.

Really, it does.


  1. OK... is there something I need to do to become an 'official' follower of your blog? I'm clueless about these things. And I have picked up some nice, used, heavy stainless steel cookware at the goodwill stores... I hit several, but have the most luck at the one in john's creek where I used to live... where the steinmart's used to be at states bridge and jones creek... funny how a lot of old steinmart stores are now goodwill stores! I wouldn't pick up any used teflon pans tho, unless they were really in top notch shape.. i wonder if the dollar store has some teflon ones... those don't last too long any way... Here's hoping you win!! :) louise

  2. I,d take stainless steel over anything. C

  3. Louise, there is a follow button near the upper right hand corner of the page.

  4. Hmm well as someone who cooks a LOT, I like both for different reasons so I wouldn't buy a full set, I'd get them a piece at a time as $ permits (I like to watch for Kohl's coupons). I have three sizes of non-stick and two sizes of what I call "stick" pans for searing etc. Here's my dilemma-I have one medium to small LeCruset dutch oven that someone gave me, and then I have a slightly larger size of another brand, which I will admit is not quite as nice but was less than 1/4 of the cost. What I REALLY want/need is the large size LeCruset for things like Gumbo and company-one pot though can run like $500-for ONE pot-at least you are looking at a set ;)

  5. Sherri, I am still using the stainless steel cookware I got when I got married in 1982 - yes, I still have the pots and pans but not the husband! Stainless steel is definitely the way to go, and like you said, there's no reason your husband can't get a nonstick pan, too. I hope you win!