Monday, July 11, 2011

Do you ever play the "I Wish" game?

I do. A lot.

Today I'm bored so I'm going to play and share it with you. But first let me clarify this is a purely selfish game. It's not about wishing for world peace, a cure for cancer, or food for everyone. Nope it's all about me and the little/big things I wish I had or could do. I know it probably sounds selfish, but it is after all only a game.

so, let's play!

I wish ....

I could knock down some walls!

As our boys are getting older, both with one foot out the door, Dale and I should really be thinking about downsizing. However, our house really isn't all that big to begin with and the market being what it is I just don't see selling this place for another. Besides, it's so old and falling apart we'd have to do a boat load of repairs and upgrades before we could unload it. So, my solution is to knock down a few walls, create the open floor plan I've always wanted, and stay in this old house.

I'd start here in the kitchen.  The wall with the stove and refrigerator -  GONE!

On the other side of that wall is my craft room  Can you see the potential here? One BIG kitchen.

But let's not stop there.   Knock out a couple more walls and the kitchen opens up to the dining room.

On the other side you see what's coming down.  and another perspective looking in from the living room  
Now realistically I know all these walls can't come down without some professional help. One or more of them is more than likely a load baring wall. But if we're playing the wishing game, anything is possible!

A small disclaimer here - for those of you who are in shock that I would be doing away with my craft room. Have no fear. Remember Ian has one foot out the door, right? I'll just turn his room into my craft room, problem solved. 

Back to business.

At this point, I figure why stop here. See this wall?   It's the back wall of the dining room and on the other side is a screened-in porch.  Our yucky nasty back porch would be a really nice sun room. I think I'd actually make it the dining room and the other space would be a big great room.

Here's a wider view of the space.  

And now I must pause for a teaching moment. If you are selling your home and posting photos online, DO NOT use a photo like this one. Doing so will scare prospective buyers away and get you mocked on the internet. Trust me on this one!

Can you name the 10 big rut-rohs?

  1. close your roll top desk, no one is impressed with all your bills and miscellaneous junk
  2. remove vacuum from the room - showing you have won't make people believe you actually use it
  3. make sure all your chairs are in place
  4. cover the gross floor with a rug
  5. close the pet gate or better yet, remove it all together
  6. what is the mystery cord hanging from the hutch?
  7. don't show your pet and her scratching post, not everyone thinks kitty-kitty is cute
  8. remove junk from the table including the bag of Goodwill clothing 
  9. hide the junk on the back porch
  10. this is not a linen closet, remove the folded bedspread
This is the kind of photo that people pick apart and exclaim "I can't believe she actually posted that and thinks it's gonna sell!" Personally I can't believe I posted half these photos. I guess it goes to show I'm not much for housekeeping, but then you knew that already didn't you?

Now, back to our game. 

I think I'm done knocking down walls but there are two things that need to be replaced. One is the front door.  Ugly dark foyer needs a door with glass to let in some light. I'm thinking one with a transom would be perfect. 

And finally, if my back porch becomes a sun room/dining room I will no longer have access to the back yard. I'm thinking it would be awesome to tear out the bay window  and put in french doors. Don't you?

So there you have it - today's game of "I wish."  Of course this is just the beginning. Once all those walls are knocked down, I'm left with a big unfinished living space. I need new flooring - tile or hardwood, or a mix of the two, new cabinets, countertops, and of course new appliances. 

Ca-ching, ca-ching can you see the $$$$$ adding up? Back to earth, this is just a game. I reaaaaaaally need to stop watching HGTV. All it does is give me crazy ideas that, unless I win the lottery or get featured on a tv show, will never come to fruition. Meanwhile I need to go pick my husband up off the floor. I think he fainted about halfway through this blog. Don't worry honey, I promise I won't attempt any of this at home. 

For now anyway.....


  1. Got me laughin, thanks. Really needed it today

  2. Ah here's my big I wish...I wish we could win the lottery and buy the house next door (small, older and only used as a vacation home.) I would then tear it down and build an office/workout room/craft room/guest house over there and install a covered walkway between them...not that I've thought about it much...