Monday, July 25, 2011

New Look and New Stuff

I've made some changes in my blog and I bet most of you haven't even noticed. Up at the top under my blog name you'll see three tabs . One says HOME and keeps you on my main page. The other two, Crafting and Photo take you to separate pages where you will find links to my newest blogs and their entries.

Yes, I've created two more blogs! From the Craftier Side of SAIDFRAZ will be all about what I am doing creatively, whether it be projects of my own or those of others that I am following. The third blog Fotos from SAIDFRAZ will contain photographs that I want to share with my readers where I think the picture says it all, little or no words necessary.

You can keep track of my new blogs in one of two ways. Easiest is to become a follower and add me to your Reader List or, you can regularly click on the Crafting and Photos pages and click on one of the links that will be added any time I write a new blog entry.

Hopefully you'll find Crafting and Photos to your liking, remember both are new and somewhat of a work(s) in progress. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Meanwhile, enjoy and thanks for checking me out!

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