Saturday, August 20, 2011

Last weekend we borrowed my sister-in-law's car to schlep all the boy's stuff up to school. We're so lucky she's willing to let us put all those miles and wear-and-tear on her car, especially since this isn't the first time we've used it travel to Knoxville.

Thank's Pat, you're a lifesaver! 

Last Sunday we met up in Cumming to get the car from her. It was one of those kill-two-birds-with-one-stone events. We got to do the car swap and visit with GiGi at the same time. As usually happens whenever two or more of the Frazier siblings get together, photos had to be made. We did a family shot which I'm actually going to post on my blog ... for once, I'm not making a monkey face!

All the Fraziers look pretty happy here (smiles with teeth showing - something I canNOT do). The two in-laws look a bit serious though. I'm not sure what's going through Bill's mind but me ... I'm pretty sure I was  thinking "we're only posing so you crazies will leave us alone. Now hurry up and get it over with!"

Look at my hand! (like I really need to point out the obvious) I'm not real sure what's going on there. I think it may have been levitating. And, what's up with Ian looking so short? That's not going to make him very happy. At least he can show off his weight loss, they really worked him hard at camp this summer and he came home several pounds lighter. Doesn't he look good? If I had know this camp was good for weight loss I really would have followed him to Seattle.

Anyway, back to borrowing the car. We returned it today and it made me sad to say goodbye. Sad for a couple of reasons -

1. Saying goodbye to the Element was also saying goodbye to driving in air conditioning. It's back to the hot-as-hades Previa for me. Fall please come quick so I can stop whining about the hot weather. My readers will forever be in your debt!

2. Saying goodbye to the Element was also saying to goodbye to a car that still smells new after many years. Seriously this car always smells like we just drove it off the lot. It's the first thing Eddie said when I picked him up at school "Ms Sherri, why does this car always smell new? My mom's car is only a year old and it stopped smelling this good a long time ago!" I don't the the secret other than Pat says it's because it's made of rubber. Whatever the secret, it needs to be patented and sold.

3. Saying goodbye to the Element was also saying goodbye to driving something smaller than my tank of a van but big enough to hold an entire dorm room of stuff. I'm still kicking myself for not getting a photo of this car packed like a can of sardines. It was awesome!

4. Saying goodbye to the Element means saying goodbye to the cool car and hello to driving the soccer mom van. Which is sorta crazy since my kids never played soccer. Really though, a Previa isn't exactly a soccer mom van. That award goes to the Sienna's and Odyssey's - a Previa is actually a Mexican day laborer's dream mobile. I think I'm the only Caucasian female driver of one in all of America. OUCH, I can't believe I actually said that out loud. 

Do you want to see the car that makes me drool? Here we are in 2009 as we prepare to borrow it for the first time to cart Andrew off to school.

I'll never forget my initial thoughts when my SIL first bought this car .... it looks like a lunchbox on wheels. After riding in it I quickly discovered what a little gem it was and  fell in love. So much so that I've told her if she ever wants to sell it, please let me have first dibs. I'd be willing to sell off my first born for that car ... oh wait, I doubt the market for twenty-one year old male children is very lucrative so I'll need to come up with a better idea. Whatever, I'll figure it out.

Of course I can always dream of picking the right numbers in the lottery and then I can go buy a brand new one of my own. Most people who win the lottery run out and buy high-end luxury cars - me, I'll settle for a Honda Element. How crazy is that? I think I'd like it in green - to match my eyes.

Wouldn't this look awesome with me behind the wheel?

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