Saturday, August 6, 2011

one more broken thing ....

Earlier in the week Andrew mowed the lawn, well, he cut the front but about 3/4 of the way through it one of the rear wheels broke off the lawn mower. He was able to finish up on three wheels (sure wish I had thought to get a photo of it, I bet people driving by got a real kick out of it!).

Great! Just one more thing we've had to deal with this summer. It's been one bit of misfortune right after the other. Buying a new mower is definitely not in the budget right now so my hubby is out back trying to reattach the wheel. I hear the motor running so hopefully it's a good sign.

The grass in the back has gotten pretty tall, so much so the cat thinks she's in jungle heaven and won't be too happy with her daddy when he cuts the grass.

Too bad, so sad. It drives Dale bananas when the grass goes too long without a trim so the jungle is a goner.  I'll take a cranky cat over a cranky husband any day so let's just keep our fingers crossed that the repair job holds up. 

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