Saturday, February 12, 2011


I've started the process of scanning old photos in anticipation of doing some digital scrapbooking. I found three photos from 1989 that are totally cracking me up.

My husband, Dale, and his sister, Pat, are twins separated by nine years. They were both born on December 21, one in 1946, the other in 1955. I'm not sure if it was the longest labor in history, or just a matter of Mom and Dad being consistent (wink, wink). For as long as the twins can remember, whenever they reside in close proximity to each other, they always get together to celebrate their birthdays.

Two's company, three's a crowd - doesn't apply in this family. In fact, the opposite is true. And so it was in 1964 that Pat married another December baby and added husband, John, to the birthday group.

The birthday bash in 1989 a very special occasion.

Here are the three partiers

this is a party, right?

Hey guys and gal - this is a party .... can you at least look like you're having fun?

ahhh, that's better. What a happy group!

and this, even better. Gifts always bring on smiles. But it wasn't just the gifts, or the yummy German Chocolate cake, of even the fact they were sporting clean shaven faces and puffy hairdos.

Nope, it was all in the numbers. 

Do you see them?  

Do you get it?


Yep, in 1989 Pat turned 43, Dale 34, and John 47. Wasn't Mary Alice creative?!

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