Sunday, February 27, 2011

We are very FORTUNatE people

We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant last night. Unlike previous visits Chinese anyone? tonight there were no other "interesting" diners present. In fact, we were the only people there. (Unless you want to count Nancy Grace and her annoying self blaring on the TV. Good gravy that woman makes my skin crawl!)

We had our usual Hunan Spicy Chicken with fried rice, egg/spring rolls, and soup. Yummmmmm!

Tonight the only entertainment came in the form of our fortune cookies.

I think mine
will surely come true. I mean we are coming up on Spring..........right? And who doesn't want to anticipate great joy in their lives?

Dale's fortune  also holds great promise.

However Ian got this same fortune a while back. In fact there were two identical slips in his cookie. He wasn't sure if that meant it would actually happen twice, or if it would happen in six months instead of three. Anyway, the verdict is still out on what kind of good things are coming his way.

In addition to the good taste, fortune cookies provide much entertainment in our family, much more so than for the average normal  family. Gonna say it right now and get it out of the way - us Fraziers are in no way normal or average.
We're crazy - that's what we are ... CRAZY!.

We play a little game with our fortune cookies. A not so innocent, R-rated game. Ironically, it's based off an irreverent game my husband and his siblings played back in the day. For them it was using hymnals instead of fortune cookies and was apparently played during church (gasp).

As PKs, otherwise known as preacher's kids, they spent a LOT of time at church and as many kids, especially teenagers, are wont to do, they would get bored and begin looking for ways to entertain themselves. One source of entertainment involved going through the hymnals, picking out a song title and follow it up with the words "under the sheets."  For example  became
"let me live close to thee.... under the sheets"

and  became "O why not tonight..... under the sheets?"

Yes, this is irreverent. But can't you see the humor too? Can't you see them rolling in the pews laughing? Can't you see Dad glaring from the pulpit?

Somewhere along the way, that game evolved into one that my family plays. For the more updated version we use fortune cookies and the words "in bed." And yes, Dale and I, even in our senior middle -aged years,  find it amusing, as do the boys, albeit at times it can be a little embarrassing. Regardless, we all giggle as we go around the table and read our fortunes, followed by a chorus of "in bed."

Sometimes it can be even more than mildly amusing and we find ourselves howling with laughter. I'm sure the people around us are wondering what's wrong with us, but that's ok. As long as we're having fun together as a family, and aren't breaking any laws or hurting anyone, I see no harm in our game.

In fact, I've taken measures to ensure we never forget our fortune cookie game. I've created a scrapbook  that documents how the game got started and includes every fortune we've gotten since we started playing. 

It's fun to go back and flip through the different fortunes.

Sometimes there are repeats.

Sometimes there are fortunes that you make you wonder "what the heck?" 
How appropriate for Ian!

Sometimes there are ones that you desperately want to come to true , others not so much.

But always .


When read ..... followed by the words

you can't help but giggle.


  1. I love it!!! and now off to bed myself before that alarm goes off @ 4:45 AM.... 7 down, 6 to go....

  2. lol Love it! My ex got a fortune cookie once that said "Any day above ground is a good day" We thought it was the funniest one he'd ever gotten, because at the time he was an underground coal miner. lol Wish I had thought of something like this, that fortune was stuck to our refridgerator till he left.

  3. Your fortune cookie book is beautiful! I have saved many fortunes over the years but never done anything with them. I guess it's never too late to start! :-)