Thursday, February 10, 2011

I really, really, really want one of these. 
Do I need one? Truthfully, no. But having one sure would make me happy!

I also would like one of these.
And, for the record, hubby would like one too.

However, I wouldn't need it if I had one of these. 

Here's something else I want.
It's a tablet that I could use to do all kinds of wonderful digital scrapping, not to mention all other kinds of other digital-craftyness.

But, again, if I had this
I wouldn't need this

So, logically .... which makes more sense.... buying an iPad or buying a Nook Color and a Bamboo Tablet?

Financially I think it would probably be cheaper to buy the Nook and the Tablet, but not by much and it would be easier to share if there were two gadgets to be used.

Dang it all, I really, really, really want one of these 

Realistically, unless I win the lottery or go to work full time, the chances of purchasing any of the above items is slim to none.

A girl can dream though.


  1. I have an idea. You could open an Etsy store, sell your pretty appliqued items, and save your proceeds until you have enough money to buy your iPad. I will be your first customer!

  2. In order to get an iPad that will do what you you what you are are talking at least $6 to 700 dollars. Then you need to get a router or pay AT&T $14.95 per mo. I have the router. When came home I used ATT but, I did run out of usage. So would have to go to a bigger plan.. but they are month by month.As for the Nook...Go for the Kindle if all you are going to do is read. Far better. Lights up at night. Recommended by Consumer Report. Any more questions, Skype me. C

  3. Pam - at the rate I sell stuff, it would take me a lifetime to buy that ipad

    Carol - I'm just dreaming, we all know none of it's going to happen!