Friday, February 18, 2011

What is: Sounds That Drive Sherri Bonkers

Today's Top 10 20 List
  1. slurping soup or cereal
  2. sipping hot drinks
  3. animal claws clicking on floors
  4. clocks ticking
  5. car rattles
  6. drumming fingers on surfaces
  7. smacking gum
  8. whiny voices
  9. incessant crying babies
  10. high pitched little girl talkers
  11. humming appliances
  12. squealing tires
  13. motorcycles
  14. car stereos with loud bass
  15. hocking loogies
  16. clipping finger/toe nails
  17. squeaking tennis shoes on basketball courts
  18. grunting tennis players
  19. LOUD talkers
  20. squishy ear drying
Do I get an "amen" on any of these? Or am I just a person with issues?


  1. There are two sounds that absolutely drive me bonkers. One is someone talking loudly on a cell phone in a public place, especially a restaurant. The other is my across the street neighbor practicing his drum for hours on end every weekend. Ugh.

  2. note to self - don't try to post under my google account! i can't recall the pass word and i lose what i wrote before it asks for profile!!! now that drives me bonkers.... What is ear squishy drying? that's a new one.... louise