Monday, June 13, 2011

Fashion Faux Pas

A week ago I was grumbling about something I'd seen on the Internet stating women over forty shouldn't wear capris pants. If you missed that blog, you can catch up on it here. I'd like to follow up with a couple of things I learned from that post.

One - my sister thinks this guy has more talent than me (there goes her favorite sister of the year award).
Two - my friend Pam loves Oprah, (but still wears capris so she's ok ).
Three - my friend Sherri doesn't mince words " I mistrust, dismiss, and have great disdain for all that nonsense and anyone associated with it."  (come on Sherri, tell us how you really feel. I love her fire, I think it has something to do with the name).
Isn't it funny how one post can elicit so many different reactions.

HOWEVER, at this time, I find myself compelled to alter my current stance on capris pants.

Yes, you heard that right. SAIDFRAZ is changing her opinion.

Sort of.


Here's my official statement: While I find it perfectly acceptable for women of any age to wear capris pants, I must clarify that NOT ALL CAPRIS SHOULD BE WORN .....

..... except maybe in the privacy of ones own home .... where you can run around naked for all I care, though peeping-tom neighbors might object (but, if they'd mind their own beeswax then it still wouldn't be an issue now would it?).

Whew, glad I got all that out.

Sooooo, you ask. What brought on this change of heart?

Today Eddie stayed home with Grandma, and Dale and Andrew are at work, leaving me all by my lonesome (unless of course you count the cat and dog, who could care less about the topic at hand, by the way).  In celebration of my  ME day I decided to throw caution to the wind by skipping  makeup and hair-fixing. If you're a male this doesn't mean so much to you but I know all you girls get it. Nothing can be more liberating than a day without the "fixin's."

Some of you will be relieved when I clarify not everything was disregarded - I forced myself to put on clothes. It was my clothing selection that brought on my change of heart.

When I talked about capris before I think I mentioned they make up about 95% of  my warm weather wardrobe. I counted the other day and am embarrassed to admit that I have 25 pairs of capris in my closet. A third of them are what I consider "nice" and I only wear them to church, nice dinners out, etc., another third are my every-day-it's-ok-to-be-seen-out-in-public pants, and then there are the rest, the ones that are only good for hanging around the house.

I call this last set of capris my "I don't care what I look like pants." When I wear these pants, the picture it paints....well, let's just say ... it ain't purty! It's all too evident I'm only dressing for myself and definitely not for that Tim guy. And thus, it's these capris, the "I don't care what I look like pants," that I'm talking about when I say NOT ALL CAPRIS SHOULD BE WORN.

In other words,  "just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

I'll drive that point home by showing you the pair I'm wearing today

So, there you have it. Me admitting that sometimes, some pants, are NOT to be worn in public. And, it doesn't matter who you, how old you are, or how fat you are!

Unless of course your goal is to either scream "I can wear whatever I darn well please" OR to embarrass your children. If that's the case then I say go for it, show the world you're not afraid to be your own woman.

These women are not afraid.


Suddenly those flowery capris don't look so bad now do they?


  1. too funny. I wanted to respond to your capri post and never got around to it. You didn't even mention shorts - and I wear shorts - not bermuda shorts necessarily, tho I have some; and not short shorts [I gave those up a few years back]. Your mother thinks I'm too old to wear shorts, but doesn't refuse to go out w/ me when I wear them. but your post made me wonder if people were talking abt. me behind my back when I wear them. Of course living in Fla in my past, as well as Texas probably ingrained shorts into my personality. But your mother threw me for a loop when she said one of her friends commented that a passerby's capris were too short! Good Grief! Who are these clothes police? Obviously I never watch that TV channel. And re:TV, I am a devoted Oprah believer, tho I haven't watched her show in 3 or 4 years. But since this post is already too long, I won't go into why I admire & respect her. So today when I went to meet some out of state friends for lunch I decided to do the conservative thing and wear the long capris - and what did she have on? Bermuda shorts! To each their own. If the visual is too bad, I guess we can just turn our head and look the other way :) Louise

  2. I love it. I had to buy all ne pants this summer. I have capris, long and short; Bermuda shorts for the first in my life and long pants that roll up. So what did I wear on vacation? Skirts and casual dress. Go figure. Yeah Tim.

  3. I also missed responding to the capri post but...I love capris. I think that capri wearing might be dictated by size and not age ;) Over a certain weight I go from shorts to capris for daily wear for work (well when I go out.) Luckily I work in an environment (my house) where a few days a week I can wear boxers and a wife beater shirt into work (like today!) Only thing that trips me up is if the UPS man shows up or something. My workplace is a bra optional, hair brushing optional kind of place-which s good, cause that's the kind of gal I am!

  4. Louise, I didn't mention shorts because though I like them I never wear them out in public. I'm afraid my pastie white legs will blind some driver,causing them to wreck, ending in mass devastation. Not to mention I'd have to shave the upper half of my legs. :)

  5. Well, we wouldn't want any mass devastation! LOL Glad to know you wear them around the house tho. Wish I had the kind of job that your previous poster has! Bra and hair brushing optional!! Louise