Friday, June 24, 2011

Sister Wives

We have had an abundance of birds in our back yard this Spring. I'm not sure if it's just because we're the happening place to be or if it's because of the lack of a dog running outside every fifteen minutes scaring them off (R.I.P. Holly) Or it could have something to do with the greenery  that's taken over and hidden the house. Whatever the reason I find myself constantly staring out the bay window, watching for their appearance, and I'm seldom disappointed.

While catching up on my blog reading this morning I glanced out and saw a family of cardinals. They were searching the ground just outside the bay window, looking for worms. This particular spot in our yard must be a worm breeding ground because it's where we often see birds "shopping" for dinner. This spot is also the potty area for Max (ewwww) so I'm not sure if that's what makes it attractive to the worms or if it's just coincidence. Whatever the reason I regularly spot birds out there going for the worms.

As I mentioned, today was harvest time for a family of cardinals. And by family I mean Daddy bird and his two young brides. Outside pecking away were three birds, one brilliant red bird and two brown-and-red, less attractive birds. I remember from my school days that the less colorful and attractive birds are always the females. It doesn't seem fair to me but who am I to question God and creation?

Anyway, the three birds were hopping around, heads bobbing down to the ground in search of the elusive worm. Every once in awhile the male stopped and chirped something to the females. My guess is he was saying something along of the lines of "hurry up you two, we've got a brood to feed back home." As I said previously, I really don't know all that much about birds and, to be honest, was a little surprised to see what appeared to be a communal effort of gathering food.

Wanting to share my discovery with my ever-patient-eye- rolling husband, I quickly messaged him the following:
    • I'm sitting here watching a cardinal and his two lady friends worm shop in our back yard. I guess birds aren't monogamous huh?
Not content to leave it as just a private message on Facebook I quickly grabbed my camera obviously seeing blog material. Of course my actions were enough to startle two of the birds away but one brave female continued her food search.  If you look close you can see her blending in with the pine straw. Look a little closer and you can see that while her coat is rather bland she does appear to have on a fabulous "hat"   (Beatrice would be proud! And yes, I AM still fixated on the princess). For posterity's sake I think I shall name this little lady Beatrice.

Just as I snapped the shot Beatrice flew off. However, she didn't go far. She joined her sister-wife Penelope on the fence. Here they are together  Sorry for the blurry shot, these were all take through the window, remember?

Here's the husband bird. I've dubbed him George. For some reason I seem to have a family of British birds on hand. I guess, since they're polygamous birds I should have come up with some more appropriate names like Kody, Meri, and Janelle but I think those names are already taken.

If you pan out on the photo you see the happy family  What? They don't look so happy to you? Could it be because George is giving the girls what-for because they're not doing their wifely duties?

Or could it be because Beatrice and Penelope are a little put out that George has decided to add another wife to the fold?


Well, I'll be .... here's the little homewrecker now. Meet Julia.  I swear I just heard George chirp "where ya been birdie?I want you to meet the other wives"

And then .....

George up and flew off! And those darn sister wives, all three of them, took off behind him!

I'm thinking maybe I need to have a talk with the girls and let them know that while some people are ok with their lifestyle, it won't fly around here. And, another thing, life will be a whole lot better once you girls show George who's really the boss of the house nest!

Oh, hi honey. You're home already? Rough day at the office today? I'm sorry, let me get you a martini beer glass of sweet tea and you just sit down and take a rest. Whatcha want for dinner? Worms?


  1. I love watching the birds outside my studio window, too. You caught some GREAT pictures here. Well done!

  2. Wished I had a Sister Wife to do the dishes last night ;)