Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Apologies and UFOs

Hey to all you peeps out there that read my blog. Please help me figure something out. If you leave me a comment, do you get your feelings hurt if I don't respond? Do you think I'm a jerk?

Trust me, I read any comment that is left. Sometimes I respond but not always. Why? Well, I wasn't sure if people actually came back on to see if I had said anything in return. I'm not not doing it because I'm too busy or don't care, it's just that I figure most people don't have the time or don't even think to check back. I really don't want to appear rude or apathetic or ungrateful.

So, please forgive me. I love to get feedback and appreciate any and all acknowledgement that someone is reading what I have to say. I'm going to try and do better. I figure if you can take the time to read and comment, I absolutely need to respond and say thanks

And, if you're not leaving comments, you really should .... I need the encouragement!

for today's photo let me show you tonight's full  moon  There's a clear sky, stars that you can't see in the photo, the full moon and some little red speck. A closer look:  So, what do you think it is? An airplane? A UFO? My hubby thinks it's Jupiter? I dunno, I sorta like the idea of an UFO.


  1. Kevin thinks that it may be Mars because it is red.

  2. Nope. I guess it is Jupiter....Kevin looked at some app on his phone :)

  3. Ok first off, it never even crossed my mind that you were not commenting on my comments. I really dont expect that, in a blog.
    and as for the UFO? Why...of course it is!

    Thanks for entertaining us :)

  4. Nice moon shot! (and no I usually don't come back to older blog posts to see if people respond to my response so no worries there!

  5. Sometimes I would like a comment back because it is the only communication that I have with you. But not necessarily every time. I love your blogs

  6. When I joined the PFHT, I was instructed to reply to comments. Apparently, that is good "nettiquette." But I didn't know that when I first started blogging. Readers who aren't bloggers don't expect it; fellow bloggers probably understand. Anyway, now that you feel "the call," you probably should comment back, whether or not people actually check back to read what you say. (I do!)