Wednesday, November 23, 2011

22 Shopping

I am not like so many other women. I do NOT like shopping. Part of it has to do with the fact that shopping while carefully watching your pennies just seems to suck the fun right out of the process. Other things such as hating being in crowds, not knowing what exactly to purchase, and having bad feet just make shopping an overall pain, both literally and figuratively. Sometimes however, I have to cave and venture out. Today was one of the days.

Yesterday was Ian's birthday and we went all out this year. It really came as a shock to him and his brother because usually birthday gifts around here are small token gifts. This year was an exception. For his B'day Ian got a coupon redeemable for an iPhone 4s and Andrew got a belated gift (since he had already purchased his own iPhone 4s he got a comparable amount in credit).

In hindsight I should have gone ahead and bought the phone earlier and given it to him rather than letting him shop for himself. Do you know how hard it is to find an iPhone 4s three days before Black Friday??? After checking at the Apple store, and several other retailers we came to the unhappy conclusion that he was going to have to just order it online. Saying he was not a happy camper is putting it mildly.

I on the other hand came away quite content. I was able to score a new pair of Crocs that I desperately needed. Have I mentioned before that I have terrible foot (feet?) problems? So far the only shoes that I've found that I can wear for long periods of time without foot pain are the dreaded, ugly Crocs. Go ahead, hate on 'em, I don't care. As long as they keep me up and mobile, I will continue wearing them.

I will admit that some of the styles they carry are pretty ugly, but they have really branched out over the years and expanded the styles they have available. This pair I bought yesterday doesn't even look like a Croc. 
It's really cute and oh so comfortable. My feet can now do the happy dance!

And Ian .... he's doing the happy dance too. We finally scored a phone at a small, off the beaten path, AT&T store. I really hope he likes his phone 'cause all he's getting for Christmas is a couple of candy canes in his stocking!

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  1. I'm with you, I HATE shopping. Maybe we are missing some kind of gene or something? I did do some shopping this weekend and am almost done with Christmas stuff. I like crocs too ;) I have red furry ones on right now!