Monday, November 7, 2011

7 What ... am I talking to myself here?

I saw this T-shirt quote today and I'm thinking about getting one for my husband:

"Half-listenting, as usual" 

Actually I'm thinking it would be pretty appropriate for all the guys in my life, as well as yours. Face it, we all know that guys just don't listen. They all claim they do but we know it's not true. You can usually tell pretty early in the conversation that your husband is not listening. You hear,  "um hum, yeah, ok" followed moments later with "hey, did you know that Matt Ryan threw for 275 yards and 3 touchdowns yesterday?"

If you gently correct him and say, "that's nice dear but we were talking about my Mother coming to visit for the holidays," chances are you're immediately hit with the dear-in-the-headlights look. Confirmation comes a week later when you're telling the kids that Grandma is coming for Thanksgiving and he loudly exclaims, "what? Nobody told me!" Further confirmation comes two days later when the boy-child asks, "do we get to see Grandma for Thanksgiving this year?"


I have a friend who's decided to just stop telling her husband anything and when it comes up innocently proclaim, "I know I told you, I guess you just weren't paying attention."

I on the other hand have come up with a different approach. I've decided to videotape myself talking, upload it to YouTube, and play it back on the TV for them. Of course I might have to include some loud music, a funky wardrobe, and throw in a few jokes or sports scores to really get noticed.

What do you think?

Meanwhile I'm looking for that T-shirt. Of course he's probably looking for one with this photo with a minor change in the wording (from teacher to wife)  

Guys, admit it. "WAH wa Wah" is exactly what we sound like!

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  1. DBF claims he only listens to 1/3 of what I say so maybe you are doing better than I am. Then again we have only been together 10 years, does the listening ratio get higher when you have been together longer? Are you still sick-we are still hacking over here...