Tuesday, November 29, 2011

27 Eating Out

Yes, we eat out waaaaaaaaaaay too much. It's just one of those bad habits that we haven't been able to shake, one that hubby and I have gotten even worse at now that we are empty nesters. Of course when money is tight we have to forego eating out or at the very least cut back to cheap fast food establishments. However, one thing that we have been consistent about is eating out after church on Sunday. It's something we do religiously (yes, pun intended).

Something that has always been a pain about eating out on Sunday is deciding where to go. It's especially hard when there are four of us. Either no one wants to make a decision or everyone has a different idea. We waste an inordinately ridiculous amount of time bickering back and forth. It really drives me crazy because it's wasting valuable time that is needed in order to get to the restaurant before the crowd get there. Gotta beat the Baptist ya know!

Anyway, in an effort to avoid the whole deciding-where-to-eat dilemma I suggested on Saturday night that we decide now for the following day. After a bit of debate the consensus was Chipotle. Now this wouldn't have been my first choice, or my second, or for that matter any choice but I decided to go along with the guys. Yes, believe it or not, I can be team player.

Something else came out of the discussion which really surprised and quite frankly embarrassed me. My eldest son make the casual comment. "sometimes I get really tired of coming home and going out to eat." Ouch! That hurt. Here I thought I was doing him a favor by taking him to his favorite eating spots when he really just wanted to stay home and eat mom's cooking.

I guess I don't get the Mom of the Year award after all. Thoroughly humbled, I decided right then and there that when they come home for Christmas break things will be different. I've made a vow to come up with three weeks worth of meals with minimum eating out. Yes, it means more work for me, but think of the money I'll be saving AND how content my boy will be. Mom's home cooking - it's what college boys dream about.

Now I just need some suggestions for meals - send me your ideas. QUICK, I only have nineteen days to pull my act together.


  1. Ooooo I have lots of ideas for you...I will put them in an email though instead of putting them here!

  2. My favorite "company" meal is Italian beef, cheesy potatoes and broccoli casserole. Campbell's chicken and rice is a good one, too, and you can't miss with lasagna and chili. Okay, there's four meals out of the way...