Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5 NBPM - It's time again

Time is changing again. Yes, it's time to switch from Daylight Savings Time back to Standard Time. Oh boy. This time tomorrow it will already be dark outside and my brain will be kicking itself for forgetting to be fixing dinner. Never mind, I never fix dinner on Sunday anyway. Let's just say this time tomorrow night I will be struggling to readjust my body and brain to the new time .... which is really the old time. And by the way, the time I prefer.

I'm not a lover of Daylight Savings Time, mostly because I hate adjusting to the change but also because it just doesn't make sense to me. They say it gives you extra daylight time but it doesn't really. You get the same amount, it just comes earlier because you've adjusted the stupid clock. Why can't the farmers get up earlier and leave the rest of us alone?

At least this is the time we "fall back" and supposedly gain an extra hour. Ha! How many of you stay up later 'cause you know you're getting an extra hour of sleep in the morning? Normally I'd be guilty but seeing as how I'm all sick and feeling poorly I'll probably hit that hay early. I'm sounding like a farmer now with all the "feeling poorly" and "hitting the hay" remarks so I guess that means the time change is for me .... but I don't want it .... so I'm giving it back.

If I could.

Give back time.

My oh my, how things could be different.

This is getting pretty deep now so I will close. I think the Nyquil is affecting my brain. At least we know it's not the time change. I'll use that as my excuse tomorrow.

nothing to do with time, just a little girl yearning to go outside and play


  1. It takes me a full week to adjust to the time change. I wish we could just stay on Standard Time year round. But no one ever asks my opinion. Oh, well. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Lots of sickness over at this house too (cough cough). I actually like the time change ;) It was so dark in the mornings plus now I am only 2 hours different from my Mama instead of 3 ;) Makes a big difference!