Friday, November 18, 2011

18 Why?

Eddie and I were sitting in the van the other day, waiting for his piano lesson to start. I had one of these with me.
I had brought it along with me to use while I was waiting for his lesson to end. Eddie spotted it and wanted to know what it was and why I had it with me. He associates these notebooks with school and the dreaded journals he has to keep for math and reading and just couldn't fathom what I needed it for. I explained to him that it was a notebook of stuff that I want to write down and remember. "What kind of stuff?" he asked. "Stuff that is none of your business young man." I got an eye roll for that remark.

A few minutes latter he asked, "Do you journal in your notebook?" "Nope, I just write stuff in it. And I'm still not telling you what kind of stuff."

A few minutes later he commented, "You don't write in a journal because you blog, right? What do you write about in your blog?"

"Well, I blog about all kinds of different things."

"What did you blog about today?"

"Today I blogged about a pecan."

"That's weird. Who wants to read about a pecan?"

"Exactly. Now go inside to your lesson, you're bugging me." Sigh. Sometimes our conversations exhaust me.

But this one did get me to thinking. There are people (a few anyway) who read my blog. Am I writing for me or for them? I guess the answer would be both. I like to write. I will sometimes write about things that are interesting to me but mostly I try to write about what I think will be interesting to others. I also write with the future in mind, that is the future of my kids who will hopefully one day be appreciative of the fact that Mom has documented so much of their past and our family life.

Sometimes when I'm writing for "me" I find myself being careful of what I say. I don't want to include anything that will be hurtful to others. I also don't want to put too much of "myself" out there and risk over sharing or saying something that could come back later to bite me in the butt. To be honest sometimes this self-censorship is so restrictive it makes me want to scream. Which is silly because isn't blogging supposed to be fulfilling?

And then it hit me.

I can have a second blog, one that is more like a journal. A blog that no one but me has to see. Doh! Why didn't I think of this before?

I guess it seems sort of silly that I am publicly blogging that I am going to start a private blog. There really was no reason I needed to share this tidbit of information other than I needed something to post today.

Oh oh , I do have something to share.

Look who got an early Christmas present! I'm so excited, aren't you?


  1. I want to be part of your private blog

  2. Sorry Sis, it's for my eyes only. Love you!

  3. yikes.... i didn't realize the downside of blogging... i can appreciate your dilemma... sigh... i do enjoy your blogs even if i don't comment very often....

  4. Gotta love that Eddie. ;-) I totally understand about struggling with the balance in a blog. I guess my blog is a journal of sorts, but I try to choose topics that I feel will resonate with others, and I try to keep it real without being too revealing. (Although I might have crossed the line last week, LOL!) I also keep a daily journal where I tell ALL; my boys have instructions to burn them should something ever happen to me...