Wednesday, November 23, 2011

23 Still Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving Eve and I'm trying to remain thankful. Remember this weekend when I posted about car repairs and thankfully having the money to cover their costs? Well, guess who's car is BACK in the shop?

Yep, the "bandaid" the mechanic used on one of the "things" needing to be fixed didn't hold. Not only did it not hold, it came off with a vengeance. He really tried to keep from having to do a major repair and I'm thankful for him trying it. But it sure stinks out loud that we're are looking at yet another $700 repair job. I guess this is the price one has to pay for having older cars.

While we've been hit with major repairs this month, it's still cheaper in the long run than paying monthly car payments. It's just a shame that it's coming all at once. Once again, I'm really thankful I have the funds to pay for them but I really hope this is the end of repairs because the well is just about dry. Keep your fingers crossed for us please!

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