Sunday, November 6, 2011

6 - Who's A Dolt Now?

I'm tired of titling every post Day # - NBPM because I can never remember what the letters are, N??? I have to look back to my previous post to find out and between looking at it and returning to my post, 50% of the time I forget before I can get it typed in and end up having to look again. It could be because I'm getting old and senile or it could be because I'm not as good at multi-tasking as I once was.

Or, it could be I'm a dolt. Which makes me think of my oldest son. On May 16, 1994 we were on the way to the mall and saw a tour bus driving down the road. Ian asked "Can children ride on the bus or is it just for dolts?" I'd like to think it was just an innocent question from a precocious four and a half year old and not some Freudian slip. It's common knowledge as children get older, especially when they reach their teen years, they believe all adults are idiots and know nothing. Do you think my brighter-than-the-average pre-schooler (ha, I only called him that because we all know that every parent thinks their child is special right?) was already thinking like a teen?

Anyway, according to my kid, people that aren't children are dolts ... therefore this blogger must be a dolt, which explains why I can't remember if its NBPM or NMPB or N......

Whatever, I think I'm still high on Nyquil which accounts for this rambling post. At least I'm keeping my streak going. I'm also going back to regular titles and you'll just have to check on me to make sure I'm sticking to posting daily ... 'cause it's National Blog Posting Month, ya know.  Doh!

my very own super hero

ps: if you're wondering how I can remember something he said 17 1/2 years ago and not something I looked at seconds ago ... my smart husband kept a notebook!

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