Wednesday, November 23, 2011

21 Birthday Wishes

Today was Ian's birthday. My boy turned twenty-two. According to my cousin he's too old to call boy but I disagree. As Mom I reserve the right to call him "my boy" for the rest of his life.

We took him to Genghis Grill for his birthday dinner. He is the one who initially introduced us to this restaurant and we all love it. Our little hole in the wall Chinese restaurant is still our favorite for Asian cuisine but this one is a close second. One thing we really like about GG is you get to pick everything that goes into your dish and can pile your bowl as high (or low) as you want ... and if it doesn't come out tasting good, you only have yourself to blame!

Here's Ian opening his Pokemon birthday card

Yes, that's all he got - a card, and a juvenile one at that. Hey, Pokemon was one of his favorites growing up so it was very appropriate!

Well, there was a little something inside the card.

Seriously Mom? This is for real?

Andrew got a card too. He got a belated birthday card with Chris Farley on the cover - guy humor.

Thank you Mommy and Dad, this is the best present ever!

You're welcome son. Just don't expect much for Christmas!

I'm happy and this couldn't have come at a better time!

I guess I forgot to mention there were homemade gift cards inside the birthday cards.

So, can we go to the Apple store right after dinner?

Here's proof that I was actually there

as usual, looking like the life of the party.

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